About tiancity--chinese server

I just wrote an email which was told I was in the wrong section.
but i still think i have the necessity to say…

this is for dev or isd or GM.
I’m really, really hope to receive an answer. A clear answer about whether continue the corporation between tiancity and CCP.
the answer in 2016 EVE player meeting in shanghai is not an answer, and the Q&A section is even worse.
I wrote many support tickets in chinese server, tiancity, and received answer which said that they don’t know or they didn’t receive any inform.

My name is Robert, Robert Chen.

I’m here want to talk about something about tiancity–the company running Chinese EVE server. I know its not CCP’s business to care about chinese server, but I hope you can know the exact situation to decide whether continue the corporation with tiancity. In 2016 China Joy, the meeting of players in China where different game companies join the meeting, Tiancity’s meeting place was the only place players riot (video link: http://www.bilibili.com/video/av5568681/?from=search&seid=8325090077117488483 )and EVE part was removed in the meeting since 2016, China Joy.

I met Nova in 2016 EVE players meeting in Shanghai, the answer I received is its tiancity’s business and I agree with that. However, the only change i saw is tiancity’s server is becoming worse everyday. Also, the discussion in the discussion group and community in China contain nearly 80% of canceling the corporation with tiancity or just close the server and transport the skill points into characters created in CCP server. I never saw this situation in Chinese MMORPG field.

I know I won’t recommend bad items to my customer, it’s the same to this email. The bot problem can’t be existed in CCP server, I trust this because some of corps used bots too and the account is banned by CCP with much stronger action than tiancity did. Chinese players who really want to play this game won’t use bots because they know what happened in Chinese server. (it’s not because one alliance is too strong but the total amount of isk and items is too much to suffer) translation won’t be the problem, we will help the translation even without CCP give us chinese language in the game. (we have our own, player established price check website and killbroad(ceve-market kb.ceve-market) thanks for their works)

I hope CCP can think carefully about the corporation, carefully. It’s the true word of players in China.

some extra suggestion:
-energy disturber can have a battery like salvage.
-support ships can be shown in killmails
-more chance to use warp disrupt field: especially tech 1 ships so that fresh man can have better experience. Punishment can be decrease of speed, energy cost and time to lock the target
-ECM equipment can use script to change
-equipments such as navy weapon disrupter
-improve angel sheild enhancer
-shift characters without log off
-purchase insurance in the citadel
-more information about weapon disrupter, warp disrupter, web, mark, energy disturb during fresh-man(after create a new character)
-improve Caldari T1 industrial ships

my email is bodopc@163.com
if the forums is not the right place to say this kind of things, maybe I can find another way… or even face-to-face discussion

Do you mean cooperation?
CCP probably have some kind of legal paper signed with Tiancity, so there may be limited action they can take. But, its still CCP game, they make money from it, so CCP should talk to Tiancity to improve the situation.

The improvements you posted are commonly suggested to CCP.
I know that the one is not coming, because of the way EVE was programmed, and its changing chaaracters without log in. You can forget about that. They will not do that because it would take them a lot of work to change that and the improvements would not be of great value they think, as you would save few seconds only in your play sesion and its all. They would rather work on something to better experience elsewhere in gameplay when you are logged in.

Yeah, this topic is definitely in the wrong section. But you’re not wrong on your observations regarding the Chinese EVE server. For us here it’s an interesting bit of exploration, since in many ways trends here have been firmly in place there for years. In other words: on several and particular trends we can observe the long term effects of changing gameplay, community and viability on the Chinese server for developing patterns here.

One of the prime things is the decrease of tangible and intangible value of ISK in relation to other currencies. Another is the decline of a lot of gameplay behaviour over the years related to economies of scale and industry.

As I understand it, there are real-life political and legal reasons for the existence of a separate EvE server for China in the first place.

edit: SIEGE_RED, “Fun tidbit. They do play here…”

Interesting. I did not know that.

Moved your thread to the General Discussion section.

Fun tidbit. They do play here. Just like we play there. Odd, but it is as it is.

In that regard, it’s interesting to see that we do have a recent influx of refugees from there. People coming here because, well, there it’s gone down the drain.