CCP I need clarification on several facts related to current status of Chinese localization

First, I AM NOT asking for any change, because it is not the time now. I have seen many Chinese players petitioning before but I don’t think petitioning will work right now.

I just want clarification of several facts, because all I had read about Chinese localization those years are only speculations, not facts, and some may be actually wrong.

My questions:

  1. Does Chinese localization exist in TQ clients, even for patches after Serenity stopped updating? I saw people dragging Chinese links of Exoplanet SKINs once, and I am not sure if it belongs to official or unofficial Chinese localization.
  2. If it exists, is there no legal means to access Chinese Localization on TQ right now?
  3. Is there any agreement between CCP and Tiancity (publisher of Serenity) that forbids CCP to make the Chinese localization available on TQ clients?
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Send in a support ticket. You’ll get an aswer faster.

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But what if I have the same questions?

He cant share his ticket response or he will be banned.

Ccp gonna answer 1000 tickets?

I really don’t know if the answers can be public or not. I just want to confirm/debunk some speculation/myth that many fellow Chinese players talked of.

He is allowed to make this information public its not in relation to a private matter or in regards to a ban etc

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