CCP closed the client loophole to Chinese localization, perhaps because of me

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First I have to apologize to thousands of Chinese players who will face language difficulty in upcoming times. I should respected their needs to keep it underground. I didn’t mean to undermine access to Chinese localization and I am not part of any conspiracy. Should I really meant to do anything evil, I could post in an alt, but I didn’t.

I also have to apologize to my corp, alliance and coalition for making them lose hundreds of potential members to the language barrier.

So back to the topic:
The Chinese localization of EVE is disabled on Tranquility client for years, although there are files containing data of Chinese localization in the TQ client. Some monkey patching technique can exploit a loophole to access that localization. The most popular unofficial tool for accessing Chinese localization is snip. However, on March 15 its developer announced that they will discontinue this project because CCP had closed that interface. Some says CCP will remove Chinese localization files as well, but I didn’t find any source for this claim.

In another channel the EVEModX developer complained about me posting in CCP threads making CCP aware of their tool.

I don’t know if is any causation between these, or CCP just closed the loophole by coincidence. But you know how average netizens perceive correlation and causation, and as a result there are many people angry about me on Tieba.

This was my post on CCP security thread:

CCP response

My response which CCP did not respond to:

I was asking CCP because I felt a gradual change in CCP’s stance toward Chinese localization, or players’ impression towards that stance. At the age when Chinese player population was just starting to boom, I found that many people advise fellow Chinese players not to show any signs of using Chinese localization because that might risk you a ban. However, as time passes more people are confident about using Chinese localizations, they are dragging Chinese links, making videos of Chinese localized clients without being banned. So I think CCP should be not that harsh on Chinese localization. I asked CCP and CCP response was “I do not think that localizing the client language provides an unfair advantage”. I wanted to be more clear so I asked if he really understand what this localization tool does, and there was no response.

Though CCP Peligro says that “I do not think that localizing the client language provides an unfair advantage”, I am also cencerned that this modding tool has possible extensions snip to other functions that are not so good, like autopilot to 0, and changing Wormhole names to “hole to null” etc (though for some reason I didn’t mention those in those two posts). This could be a rationale for CCP to close that loophole, if it is not bad to localize the client language. I believe this is probably a shared loophole which is impossible to separate function of localization from other bad functions. So CCP is likely to go for the simplest solution: close that loophole.

Dear CCP, though I know this is likely not a high-priority issue, I really need your words for the future of Chinese localization. Will there be any plan for Chinese players to use the client in Chinese after you have said “I do not think that localizing the client language provides an unfair advantage”? Am I wrong to ask for Chinese localization?

Removed links of a program and Pictures containing chat log ~Buldath

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You just can’t keep quiet right? How many people are messed up in game just because of your curious? Do you really want CCP speak you “We can’t allow the Chinese interface here because of our commercial interests?” You’re an adult. just try to understand the reality of the world and not make trouble for your community.

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Dig dig dig dig digging - that hole is deeeep man…

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Autopilot to 0 is always bannable. That had to be closed.

For the chinese localization, i think CCP should embrace it on Tranquility.

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autopilot to 0 had to be closed
哥你英语这么溜 你问个锤子啊

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An apology to Chinese players in English is hilarious and hypocritical.

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Oh, yet another autopilot to 0 has died. What a shame. Well, next one will be written in under 1 week i bet. Noone cares if ccp do not add something that should have been in game from the start :slight_smile:
regarding chinese localisation: it is never going to be in priorities as CCP is under agreement with tiancity, who do not want players to play in international server instead of their own. And it just so happens, tiancity client is all chinese (and no english btw, so feel free to cry about discrimination both ways :sunglasses:).

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The loophole you are speaking of here was a launcher argument that previously allowed the direct execution of Python code, it’s good to see @CCP_Peligro finally take action against this as it was widely abused by various bots and other malicious tools.

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Thanks for your knowledge share. I know this is for the greater good, but I humbly ask you not to salt Chinese players’ wounds and look for remedy. They are the ones who need the most help.

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If this were used solely for accessing the Chinese translation, CCP wouldn’t have bothered. Bugs like these also have plenty of side-effects and allow for nefarious other things, which made fixing it mandatory. The Chinese translation is just collateral damage.

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哈哈哈, 有点儿意思的回答。 那,看起来你就是这个中国人的群的,请问OP说的有多少对? 现在秘密已经没有, 你安全说吧。 这样的事情不是经常的, 多人觉得有意思 :)

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It you are really sorry, why not apologize to us in tieba ?
No you are no apologizing , you’re just justfiying your action.
I’m pretty sure there would be plenty of Chinese players are going to hunt for you if you dare to login and go out of the station.

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After talking with many friends I think you are right. My wrong is trying to make grey things clear when they should stay grey.

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Not sorry at all good job OP keep up the good work.

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跟我没有任何关系,我又不用这个中文patch。我只是生气怎么会有这么脑袋不开窍的人。in English, as silly as a goose.

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嗯嗯, 明白了。 我就我想去中文讲坛看他们对他说什么,因为在哪儿百分之90就是TMDTMDTMD :rofl:

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PLZ just quiet,you really have big mouth:smirk_cat:

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No one cares that you can no longer read the game text in Swahili. If this allowed exploits like autopilot to 0, then good riddance…