A suggestion about the upcoming Chinese localization

As a Chinese player,Ive experienced the Chinese client ages ago.And im also have been playing in Serenity.But ive found that the NetEase verson’s client(Serenity and Infinity) have a lot of werid translations from the Chinese client in tq.
Some ship name and item name have changed to pass the current censorship in China
for eg:

  1. Pilgrim 皮尔格里姆级 instead of 朝圣级
  2. stabber 刺刀级 instead of 刺客级
  3. vindicator 惩戒者级 instead of 复仇者级

And these changes have already made most of the players in Serenity unsatisfied and will also make Chinese players encounter problems with effective communication.
So my suggestion is here:

  • DO NOT use the NetEase version of translation.

Sticking with the old translation of TQ will make most of the Chinese players(me included) feels good since we’ve already get used to the tq version.And for the new Chinese speaking players,getting them into a language environment which most players who speaking the same languages are familiar with is good for them to better get used to and enjoy the game with other Chinese speakers.


Considering they own CCP, that’s not likely.

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