Rooks and Kings and a story of two worlds

There has been a lot of talk lately about the migration of Chinese players to Tranquility. The new RnK video addresses this by exploring a series of campaigns from the second half of 2017 where the two worlds met.

For those who aren’t aware, Chinese Law required the creation of a separate Eve server for people there to play. So there are two servers, TQ for the world and Serenity for China, ostensibly separated by the ‘Great Firewall of China’ (though in reality it’s fairly trivial for either group to access the other from a hardware/vpn standpoint).

The new video is a documentary about a series of campaigns in the second half of 2017, where the two servers briefly met (and in unexpected way). It also explores the forces and narratives behind the migration from Serenity to Tranquility.

First Light on the Fifth Day

(It features, too, the first large scale recordings of 5K battle footage - we can’t be letting Star Citizen have all the fun).

Having spent some time in Serenity, mostly trying in vain to maintain my dignity, I’m happy to answer any questions about Moe Moe’s, differences between the servers and space politics.


Thank you!

Good video and very well done.

How long before PIBC migrate to TQ ? Can’t imagine they would stay too much longer on serenity.

Very interesting. Thanks for the video.

Great video!

One of the best, if not the best EvE video I have seen. Some awesome information in it also. :+1:t3::+1:t3::grinning:

Fun times :slight_smile:

Awesome video.

It also shows what kind of cancer supers and titans are. Delete all supers and titans from EVE.

You guys need to become active again. What you did before still works, if in different ways.

They used to do more videos in the past, and always with the same “stiff upper lip”-commentary. It kinda gets boring, although the video did reveal some interesting details, but still remains a one-sided story.

That’s ok, cause Fu1crum is coming.


I find this very disappointing. Back in the day RnK used to pride itself on taking out more with less, go out and be the best underdog ever and stick up for the underdogs. Those were the awesome fights. Looks to me like that is now gone and its just another Imperium or “wannabe” Imperium now.

I don’t know what exactly the plans are, but if they intent to just come over and become just another powerblock then that is just more of what makes this game ■■■■. Add to that the botting culture that will arrive in addition to what CCP can’t already handle here as it stands.

So indeed very dissapointed. Video, a sort of announcement, or whatever else you wanna call it is just more of the same kinda “overwhelm with numbers” ■■■■ that has been going on. Too bad R’n’K has fallen this far.

This was a very good video as expected

The mango part reminded me of Fallout 3’s mungos from Little Lamplight Caverns, which is pretty hilarious imo

You could certainly make the point that, whilst the situation is different to when we became friends eight or so years ago, in these campaigns of late 2017 in the video I’m essentially helping Darth Vader (Fulcrum) burn down their galaxy. Or at the least take pictures of the resulting carnage.

However, I wouldn’t read too much into RnK’s stance on that as a whole. Fulcrum joined RnK but he has never left PIBC and is a PIBC member from before he was in RnK. This is his story (or a part of it) and a window into the world of Serenity.

It’s also not really intended to portray PIBC as the unquestionable good guys of the story. I like the melancholy and tenacity of the Leaf Queen and Starchaser’s determination.

It’s essentially just a documentary of a few very specific campaigns in late 2017 where the two worlds briefly met. I was fortunate to witness it from the inside and felt I should bring something of that story back.

It certainly hasn’t changed my opinion of the romance of fighting desperate, outnumbered battles and the search for means to win in spite of the odds (there are times when Fulcrum did that in his Eve career, of course, though long before the events in the video).

It’s an RnK video because I made and narrated it, and its chief protagonist, Fulcrum, is also a core RnK member. But it’s not intended as a statement of any kind and it’s made to provide background to the influx of Chinese players on Tranquility.

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