New PVE-only server

So many people claim that PVP is bad for the game. Serve them a new server ! Let’s call it kitty.

  • completely fresh server. The toons are copied from tranq to kitty on creation (and on creation of kitty)
  • no pvp activity at all in HS space : safety is forced green ; no wardec.
  • when you buy plex/sub for IRL money, you are subbed/added for both servers.

I think soon the plex price will rise too high and they will leave that server. This way whenever people says “I want moar security” you tell him “go on hello kitty online”. And he does.
Maybe I’m wrong though… people will remain on this server and will endlessly mine veldspar.

/me hides behind a rock.

Haven’t seen this idea twelve hundred times before.

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without pvp losses, there will be no need to replace ships, so the demand for minerals plummets to zero.

Let’s see how much people like mining when their entire ore bay is worth 1 isk :smiley:

its called the test server


what agondray said … if you dont want risk, play on the test server. log in there and wait 1 night until sisi made a snapshot of your account.

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There are other games for this, not Eve.

This isn’t a bad idea to prove once and for all that the unawakened solo only-PvErs don’t really understand why they are drawn to EVE. Unfortunately, I think that population is such a minority that CCP would not waste resources on such an experiment. They’re just disproportionately loud for they’re size. That group will just have to solo PvE in other perfectly safe games until they come back sulking to EVE and still not understand why they returned…


Terrible idea. Always have been a terrible idea, always will be a terrible idea.

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I will see your PvE only server and raise you a PvP only server. Everything is Nullsec, everything is a battle for territory and assets, its a completely free market and there are no NPC’s. Then we have a deal :slight_smile:

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I don’t see the point.
Are people crying on the forum that they want a full-PVP server ?

You forgot “Mindlessly shoot npcs for all the loot until they get so bored that they leave”

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