PVE questions

Hello Guys and Gals,

I have been away from Eve-Online for many years and want to come back, but I have many questions.
I have searched the forum and found some older posts but not sure if they remain current.
So a bit of help would be great just to make sure before I join again.

I hate PVP in every game and Eve is no exception for me.

Is there a PVE server?
If no how do I set Eve so I can never do PVP or be attacked?

Can stations be built in safe PVE systems where no people can attack it? (and not attacked by war declarations)

Can my capital ships enter PVE systems?
Can they enter them and not be attacked by people? (not counting NPC’s)

Those are the bulk of my questions.
I understand some will say go play a different game (I have been).
But I like to play for fun and not to be attacked by real people or Corps.
I dont want to change the game for people who love PVP.
But I am sure there are many who only want PVE game play.

Thanks in advance


Welcome back, o/

I can answer a few of your questions, and I’m sure others will be able to help answer the rest.


EVE is by original design pvp focused, so you can’t avoid pvp entirely on the Tranquility server…but, your character is old enough you can try out the Singularity sever (see launcher, lower right hand corner). Singularity is CCP’s test server, and CCP allows players to access it. PVP is tightly controlled on that server. If you want to avoid pvp as much as possible, try Singularity.

Not on the Tranquiltiy server.

If this is your preferred mode of play, seriously, given the age of your character, I’d try Singularity. There are slightly different rules on the Singularity server. This section of the forum discusses Singularity : https://forums.eveonline.com/c/technology-research/test-server-feedback

Singularity is very low population, and is reset from time to time, both downsides admittedly; but, it is the best way I know to experience EVE with a very low possibility of pvp finding you.

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Eve Online is only one server- and there’s PvP everywhere. You are subject to PvP ANYTIME you undock. (You are 100% safe inside of a space station) If you want zero risk of PvP, you should look into other games.

Now, there’s some good news: Eve has an area of space called “high security”. If anyone attacks you in high security, the NPC police force will warp in and destroy your attacker. But they are slow, and they might not arrive until after your ship is destroyed- but the attacker ALWAYS loses their ship. Because of this, people are MUCH LESS likely to attack you in high security space because they won’t want to lose their ship- but there’s still a risk that you COULD be attacked.

There’s a few caveats I could go into: but this is the general idea. So my question to you, would you choose to play if you can be 98% safe? Is that enough?

Edit: I didn’t mention Singularity- because you’ll lose your progress every time the server resets- but as mentioned above, you COULD play there if that’s your preference.

HEllo Sere O’Asis,

Thanks for your fast reply and help, I really appreciate it.

I guess I will either try Singularity or stick to logging in once in a while.
Shame CCP does not seem to understand they could make more $$$ by giving people the option of a PVE only server or sectors where no PVP can happen.

Anyways thanks agin for your help and info.
Have a great day/weekend


The reality is that you couldn’t really make EVE a PVE only game without major changes. The game was fundamentally made in a way that it NEEDS PVP to thrive.

One simple piece is the market. Without plenty of destruction, which is primarly PVP activites the market would become ultra saturated with supply and not enough demand.

That being said I have played for quite a long time and have never had to succumb to unwanted PVP, unless I put myself in a place where that was likely to happen (wormholes, lowsec etc).

Hey I dived into the sea but I can’t swim ! CCP make the sea so I can float or you’ll lose all your customers !

Deep sigh…


Hello Complex Math,

Thanks for the fast reply to mt questions, I appreciate it.

I play dozens of games some space and lots of others.
Most space games I play all have a creative mode or access to console commands.
I almost never play MMO unless I can do so without being attacked by people (not counting NPC’s)
I dont play to fight but to enjoy doing my own thing in games.
I play games to have fun only and to ease stress.

PVP simply gets me frustrated and takes lots of isk to build new ships!
Even longer when a person only plays a few hours at best a day.

For example: When Sony controlled Everquest 2 they allowed people to buy characters thru a bizarre So a person could be full level with all skills already done. I have dozens of characters all set to what I wish to do the day I want to play.
Not to spend hours grinding or raiding but to simply do my own thing.

Also look at “No Man’s Sky” people can play solo or multiplayer with PVP.
The open is there and stats show more people play solo than in Multiplayer.
It has been that way for many people like myself who want the choice.

It does not change PVP to allow those who want to play PVE have a server or section of space.

Anyways I will think about Singularity thou if it gets reset wont be fun for my play style.

Thanks again for the reply and info.

Hey Dravick Afterthought,

Look at CCP numbers, slowly Eve is shrinking in base size and revenue.
How long will it last at its current rate before it dies or loses more of its base?

I did not say I can’t PVP but that I dont want to.
Like I said in replies to others many like PVE.
I have over 3 accounts in EVE and multiple characters,
When I played and was in various corps they were big with players and most I play with all left EVE as they wanted to have fun and got sick of losing Stations and ships and spending months to get back isk to buy and replace destroyed ships. If people have the time to play 5+ hours a day nonstop for weeks then great, but for part time players it is not fun.

If CCP had made PVE servers or sectors, then I know many of the people in my various corps that I still talk too would be back with all their accounts. Now only a couple of my friends or old corp mates play EVE and only with one account while their other accounts are not used.

Anyways you have your view of whats good for you and what you enjoy.
But I still know CPP would have many people back if they gave people the option.

Thanks for your reply and views.

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Hello Derath Ellecon,

Thanks for fast reply to my questions, I appreciate it.

I dont think it would need lots of changes.
It is not hard to clone a current server and change a few game flags for sectors.
Then they could flag accounts on that server so they can’t be moved back to original sever and are stuck on PVE.
Heck any person with a text editor could do a search and replace for sectors that are set pvp to change digit 1 to digit 2 (Or whatever setting is used).

I have watched other games change that way and they seem to thrive.
Even some solo games (not space related) change to add options of multiplayer and PVP , while still having PVE/solo.

Anyways I have every space game I could find and play them in a rotation and always now solo.

Thanks for your time.

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If that is what you got out of my post, then you fundamentally failed to understand it.

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Eve at it’s core fails without PvP. It’s core to the game design and economy. The game would quickly become pointless.

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The only ones who say that are the ‘PvP Only’ crowd.

And to be perfectly honest about the economy, CCP’s new NPC’s are doing a much better job of destroying player ships then players are.

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Aw cmon man. I love ya but even with invasions the amount of isk destroyed in HS pales in comparison to LS and NS.

edit. although that could change come Halloween next week… beware!

Yeah sorry bro but I thought the reason for CCP doing this ‘Chaos Era’ stuff is because there wasn’t a lot of destruction caused by players.

Anyway when I say new NPC’s, I wasn’t specifying just Triglavian Invasions in High Sec, I’m talking about all the Advanced AI NPC’s that CCP has added game wide to all sectors which includes Known space, Worm space and Abyssal space as well.

Ah geez, we gotta go to bro?

Here is a graph put together of player ships killed from 2008 till july of 2019. Why is this significant? Because player ships that are killed are players looking to buy a new one from a PVE player who either mined or built it.

Now to be clear, I’m obviously not in the PVP only crowd, but this thread is on the premise of a PVE only server.

I would imagine even you can realize if there was a server where it was only PVE the market would quickly get saturated with supply.

Not looking to go at it with you or anybody else, life is too short and quite frankly, after being on these forums for over 11 yrs now, I just don’t have the time or willpower to argue anymore with anyone about anything.

By the way, that graph shows the amount of ships destroyed for each sector, I don’t see any indication of amount of ships destroyed by players verses amount of ships destroyed by NPC’s. Also the focus should be the time span after the Advanced AI NPC’s were implemented, not from 2008 to 2019.

And yeah you’re right, this thread is about having a ‘PvE Only’ sector of Eve so any other comments would be ‘Off Topic’…

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Dude I don’t want to argue with you either. However the key with anything here is context. The actual point of this thread is not having a “PVE sector” The OP literally asked about a “PVE server”

Given how the game is designed my only point in any of my replies is that a “PVE Server” would simply implode on itself without major rework. PVE simply doesn’t destroy enough ships to keep up with the isk faucets. Isk would be devalued to the point that the market would collapse.

Now IF the topic was actually about PVE only areas of EVE, that is something that I think could be addressed in a way to not completely ruin the game but give some benefit to the changing nature of gamers.

For example, I think you could pretty easily make missions an “instanced” type of content where you would be safe from anyone coming in from ganking you or stealing your loot. I doubt that this sort of “PVP” activity contributes to much of the eve destruction to begin with. And missions these days are far from the biggest isk faucets. So just doing that would not really affect the PVP aspect of the game nor tank the economy. But it would give players one form of “safe” PVE activity.

Yeah, the OP actually asked a few questions with the first one being if there’s a PvE only server, then he also said if the answer was no, are there PvE only locations, or in my words, sectors.

Anyway, this banter back and forth isn’t accomplishing anything other than to derail the thread. You win, I’m done, case closed.


i honestly wondered if your post was a troll
eve is a pvp game. You don’t like it? choose another one to build things etc.
Instead of saying “shame on CCP that they don’t understand that they could earn more money if they changed this game to satisfy people who want a pve game”
Good ridddance

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please don’t. He just does not know Eve, so of course when you don’t know something, it takes longer tounderstand it -.-