Singularity PVP combat

Okay, so I use the test server for learning PVP, as on the tranquility I am a miner, mission runner, and hauler 99% of the time and am sick of being raped. The biggest problem I find on the test server is that I cannot find appropriate PVP matches, as everybody wants to take a dreadnought or carrier up against the frigate or a Pod.

So, I’m requesting that CCP designate a combat area for only certain class ships as they do in factional warfare, and then leave an open area for those who wish to fight at a severe disadvantage. Every time I do find a sufficient match a dreadnought, carrier, or some other type of capital or super capital ship that severely overpowers myself and my opponent, who is teaching me to PVP, to such a degree that we/I learn nothing, except for how to die quickly. And I learned that enough on tranquility being a miner

Also, I would like to suggest:

  1. In the attributes of jet can a timer that displays how long until it can disappears
  2. A Fuel donation hanger… that players can drop fuel into , one way, to power public stations. i currently have 5Billion in manufacturing jobs that are paused cause the owner stopped playing eve without notice. Now, I am punished for his actions. I would pay the fuel fuel myself if I could. So allow players to do this.


Why, you cannot be affraid of a fair fight…

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CCP doesn’t care about Sisi. I doubt they’d bother putting any effort into creating a system like this just for Sisi.

Nice ideas, definitely a +1 from me.

As for getting in some practice PvP, check out this player event:


What’s the point of “appropriate matches” when they don’t prepare you for the “real world”? If you want to train PvP, then go train PvP in scenarios that actually apply to the actual game, meaning: head to lowsec and figure out how the world works. 99% of those fights are in no way or form fair fights. Training fair fights will only teach you that the “real world” doesn’t work like that.


Very few people are on sisi, unless you arrange to meet people on there, you’re probably just better off in fw space on tq.

They already have. It is called Tranquility.


^^^^^^^^^ This

Just get a bunch of frigates set up and hop into LS, you wil lfind fights


learn PVP on TQ
join a corp and a alliance for that … a real group with more then a few guys … they take you to fights


What is this?

If you find yourself in a fair fight, someone screwed up; and if your opponent doesn’t think that you’re somehow cheating, you’re not trying hard enough.


If you try to have a “fair fight” in Eve, you’re gonna have a bad time. It is not Honorable Internet Spaceship Duels Online.


Use your minerals on TQ to build cheap stuff (frigates, dessies, guns, mods, ammo), switch clones and start shooting at something/one.

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Thank you I will look into this

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Thanks everyone for the advice… I have taken most of it… and am now learning to PVP in LS, my builds suck… but its a leaerning process and its a start…

I also started looking for others who are looking to learn Pvp with me and its going good thus far. I have learned about kitting, brawling, and scam kitting… have yet to find my first solo kill… but i am learning solo dosen’t really happen… so i am joining the gang… lol

Fly safe all… and try to only shot those who can shot back…

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this is exactly what i have done… based on your (this advice_) ty

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