Need advice for PVE

Firstly hello everyone !

I have an Alpha account and am playing for a week or less and am not interested in PvP, mining nor exploration.

Did the starting missions and then tried PVE, its when all the fun was going to an end and at this point im kinda lost and frustrated cause it seems I cant really advance at all.

I mean if I exit to LS, NS or WH im too weak to kill NPCs or will get killed by players. When i try incursions, signatures or anomalies in HS there is always someone coming and killing youre mobs cause he has a Gila or whatever bigger ship and last hits or 1 hits them. I even tried filament but my vexor is too slow to actually loot those boxes and died like 4 times and lost almost everything.

I really need advice what solo PVE is possible in this game without beeing interrupted by others. I mean, how can I PVE at peace and grow a bit my economy when im so capped in options ? Are there any other options for me that are not joining a fleet or a corp ?

I really hope there is more to this game because I like it but seems like I cant do my own thing to grow, make some isk, buy some skills, injectors etc… I just cant find a way to farm for solo PVE.

Thanks in advance.

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Missions are effectively private in high sec. find a security agent, run combat missions.


You do realize that you are playing an MMO with 35,000 other players, right? What you are wanting is a single player game. Elite Dangerous sounds more your speed…


Again, EVE is not a solo farming sim where you can do whatever you want without interruption. It never has been and it never will be…


As someone who’s played “solo” off and on for several years, its impossible to be fully “solo” in this game. All on one server, there is no single player/multiplayer split. this is a fully functional MMO. You will encounter others. thats just the fact of life in EVE.

best advice if you really wanna try to be solo, find a whole in the wall area of space that you presume probably doesn’t get a lot of traffic and set up shop in an NPC station (best way to be “invisible”) and run missions to your hearts content.

Or, you can join one of several corporations that are more like services and haul, or run missions, etc for other players and get paid that way…

There are lots of opportunities in this game, even trying to be solo, you just have to think outside the box sometimes.


Thanks for the advice I will try some missions see how that works aswell.

Well, WOW is a MMO with prob more people as EVE and u can still do PVE with not so many big fish that eats the small fish. Thanks for the reminder tho.

This is sad cause there are many lone wolfs that just want to do solo stuff without many shedules with fleets and corps. Thanks for answer tho.

So Missions is the way to go it seems as Brun Warbear mentiones before awell.

Problem for me thinking outside the box is that I still dont know the game well to know whats possible and whats not, thats why I asked in forums.

I’ll try to find that spot in the system for low traffic but doubt I’ll find it.
I dont mind having encounters with other people, but its just stupid that new player in HS tries to do some combat sites with his Algos and then the Gila comes and takes all away.

Thanks for the anwer mate


  1. read about a game when you want to join it? is eve really for you, if what you want is “solo PVE is possible in this game without beeing interrupted by others”? probably not. Change your mind, or switch to another game
  2. eve is a sandbox, you can do what you want, but you have to HTFU. If you wanna do solo pve “without being interrupted”, it is up to you to find where and how.
  3. you recognize that " I still dont know the game well to know whats possible and whats not, thats why I asked in forums". Then you should think of joining a corp, where you would get advices, fits,etc? You know, this is a mmo…
  4. you think you are a " lone wolfs that just want to do solo stuff without many shedules with fleets and corps"? someone who only wants to do solo pve and is not interested in pvp is not a “lone wolf”, you know. Rather a lone sheep lost among wolves (Wolves packs and lone wolves).

For me it is obvious that eve is not the game that you are looking for. You are searching for a solo game, where you can do pve, without pvp. This is not eve, sorry. Even people who don’t like to shoot have to do some sort of pvp, since pvp is not only about fighting, but also competing (for resources, on the market, etc)


Yeah, prob its not the game I’m looking for after all since you cant do a decent go and kill some mobs without being screwed by other player with a bigger ship. Which is annoying as a new player cause u cant grind and grow. I mean, what does a Gila look in a “X Hideway” anomaly in HS anyway ? Isn’t that a ship that you can do abyssal and LS and NS and other ■■■■ ?

Thanks for the honest reply.


you realize that you can easily do many things, including solo activities, once you have joined a corp, yes? because you will get help etc.
If you decide to stay solo, that’s your choice, you can do many things solo, but then, yes, you take the risk to compete against other players. That’s your choice. Don’t complain about the game or other players.
If you think that joining a “big” corp will force you to join “many shedules with fleets”, (you are totally wrong about that, but i won’t argue here), nothing prevents you from moving your ass and try to find the good corp for you, where corpmates would not ask you to participate to “many shedules with fleets”. There are plenty of corps of different sizes, different aims, etc
Don’t expect the game to tell you what you do and serves you eveythg easily. Move your ass and HTFU, or quit

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I dont like to depend on others or beg for isk because if i join a corp what then ? Ok, i get more answers but, that gila stealing youre rats in HS will still be there and LS / NS / Abyssal are too big for me atm. Join a corp fleet in LS/NS where they kill while u loot and salvage ? Thats depending on people and mostly shedule.

Thats the reason why I asked in forum so I dont have to join 100 corps until I find my place because maybe there is no place for my gameplay.
For now I will do missions. Once I know what my options are later with more isk, skills and knowledge I’ll decide if to play or uninstall. Maybe I’ll train for a Gila myself and steal noobs sites in HS myself one day lol.

You don’t have to join a corp if you don’t want to. You can do missions for regular agents anywhere. Can also do Cosmos Agents and Epic Arcs as well.

When I was doing exploration, I’d look for systems with low amount of activity, checked map stats for low amount of jumps, low amount of NPC kills, etc. I set up different routes and if one route seemed devoid of exploration sites, I’d go to another route. I also checked the routes at different time zones to see when it was best time to run them.


Hey thanks for the headsup. No idea what cosmos agents or epic arcs are but sounds good and surely will google it once im home. Ill try to do that map check aswell, with dothlan I asume. Thanks mate !

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Look up Eve uni wiki. That can answer lots of questions, plus for missions there are guides to help with each mission.

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create(self or ask for) your own corp with 0% tax. npc corp has 10%

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Yeah I found some answers there while googling stuff. Good info indeed.

wait what ? I pay 10% tax when I kill rats ? how much costs to creat a corp ?

Creating a corp should be free.

Also, if you wanna do stuff alone, look for an empty highsec system. New Eden is huge. If you are 30 jumps away from Jita, then chances are pretty good, that nobody will warp into your site, because nobody lives there.

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