Worst PvE Combat Mission System Ever?

I am a again returning player who continually has bashed my head against the terrible PvE combat mission system in this game. The risk/reward is insanely bad compared to any other MMO. The mission briefs are pretty garbage and give you no idea as to what you will be facing. And they will regularly send you on near suicide missions that ether require a fleet or 2-3 different fits required with no proper warning. God forbid you accidently accept a “anomic” mission you will lose everything. From what I have experienced the missions system has not become any better, but has instead become a cluster of half assed attempts to expand the content? The only other option I have found for solo/PvE is abyssals and they are even worse risk/reward than the missions unless your talking t4/t5. And even then you lose it all if you have a disconnect or make a minor mistake. I am wondering if this is most other players issues with the solo/PvE experience in the game?


It seems like Eve missions aren’t a good activity for you.

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https://eve-survival.org/ is your best friend. Check out the details of the mission before you accept.

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After a long time I went to drone lands farming escalations. Oh boy, loot is so trash is not even worth it doing. I dont even talk about you need pimped T3 cruiser to do those sites and you are in hostile territory. Its literally mindblowing, that you can earn much more doing HIGH SEC escalations in 50m ship.

Seems so. I have left the game several times and probably will again as the only other thing that fits my plays style is mining and that is not in it self a reason to play the game. I was just wondering if people are having similar issues? I could only imagine trying to play with a poor understanding of English. It seems to me this game has a huge problem with retention and their poor mission system and lack of solo PvE combat experiences that have any type of reasonable risk/reward. From what I understand your only profitable options are to join a large null sec corp and go rating. Was looking to do my own thing till I got the skills up to really enjoy nul/low sec, but that appears to not be an option. Bummed it seems they have not fixed much with the missions in the years this game has been around.

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There are plenty of other options besides missions. CCP hasn’t “fixed” missions because there are a lot of people who like them exactly the way they are.

Plenty of people being the tiny less than 11% of people they can retain and that is after only one week, the % falls even more as time goes out… I get there a may be a small pool of people that like them. But your comment addressed none of the issues I brought up. Nor is it the statistical norm or what I hear most often from people in game. If they have more than 90% of the people leaving the game within the first month there is obviously an issue.

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Y u mad, bro? Just play something you like better.

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Disappointed sure. I had figured they would have fixed things over the years not just poor more flawed content into the game. Its clearly not just me ether. Troll away idiot, I am just seeing if any one is having a shared experience.

This is a very rare case where I am not the troll.


I grinded up some standing recently in order to gain some access to level IV’s to see what they were like and for research agents. Turns out I hate running missions. The other thing I enjoyed doing way back in the day was run Cosmic Anomalies, you barely had to pay attention in highsec but now with the Triglavian content and I dunno if it’s alpha clones being limited to nothing else worth doing so now they are super over-farmed or botted or who knows what. Plus I think I’ve read that CCP has nerfed them on top of that.

I have a Machariel that’s collecting dust, I should dump that for something I will actually want to fly. They must’ve also done something to the Gila because it’s not what it used to be. Some sort of nerf or maybe the rat AI is more aggressive to drones because I can’t solo an Angels 5/10 anymore.

I think the gettin’ was too good for too long in highsec and now it’s finally seen as an issue with the current population that’s playing. I’ve gone to FW and I’m really enjoying it. You can get better LP doing that than running missions and you get some PVP action in too.

PVP might not be your thing and that’s cool. The PVE I used to enjoy was nerfed / farmed into the ground. Mining sucks don’t do it haha

So…missions are too hard for you, and you call others idiot? :ok_hand:

EvE is - hold on to your socks - a Massively MULTIPLAYER Online game. One certainly can play it solo, but that’s not it’s main focus.

One reason the mission system hasn’t been spiced up much over the years is that ccp kind of wants to encourage players to seek more group gameplay.

Even then, ccp has added burner missions, abyssal stuff, and now arenas…all solo content. So quit griping and do that stuff or leave.

As far as retention rates - Do feel free to examine retention rates for the MMO genre as a whole and compare EvE’s. Sure there is certainly room for improvement, but it’s not the wailing odd disaster you clutch about. Also, the MMO genre is kind of in decline across the board. (kids people want MOBA crap)

Have you tried the game Animal Crossing? Perhaps you might enjoy that one.


Animal Crossing’s missions are even worse than Eve’s.

This has been a similar experience to mine. The only PvE out side of mining worth it seems to be low sec/null sec corporate life. The risk/reward on anything else seem abysmal. God forbid you have a slightly unstable network. Never mind they can give you a page of flavor txt, but almost no clear mission information. I kind of thought they would have changed some things for the better over the years, but it seems almost the opposite to me.

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At this point it appears you are not only trolling but so desperate for a response you will answer your own comments. Sad panda <(**<)

You are very strange.


I am not Xuex. She does indeed have a name with a pleasing amount of cromulent Xs, but she is not me either.


The only thing I would do if it wasn’t for FW right now would be to go somewhere, a region like Solitude. I would have to think it’s so far away from the beaten path and I could bring in the ships I’d need to run the content I want to run.

If you’re not familiar, it’s a region that’s like a highsec island out by null and Aridia. It is Gallente space and has Serpentis rats to farm. I think it’d make for a pretty unique lifestyle. You’d need to rely pretty heavy on third parties to move your stuff or wormhole networks that don’t suck so much. And who knows again with the Triglavian stuff, maybe it’s all split up out there too.

They have a tiny trade hub and I think that might make for some interesting opportunities as well.

sure. Can you prove it ?

ded5 angel issue is the webifiers in the last room, that’s all. However it’s true that all ships that use resist module(so invul or so for gila) lost a good part of ehp and rep(like from -10% to one T2 invul to -45% for 3 dedicated pith x-type hardeners) on their main tank layer.

You need 1200 ehp/s or so to tank the last room head on. of course you also need HM to shoot the webifiers.

Nope, most PVE activities (besides incursion) are made to be available on solo players, and actually are worth less value when done in fleet.

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Is the Gila still the right ship to use? I’ve been toying around in the game’s fitting simulator (god help me) and poking around with ships like the Hurricane Fleet Issue but it was still very much a struggle. I don’t have the SP yet to roll around in a T2 Cruiser like an Ishtar or a Cerberus and I think that might be the next best things not a Gila…? Any advice?

AGREED. Nothing wrong with some solo play