Still a terrible Solo/PvE Combat experience, what are y'alls experience?

I am an again returning player who continually has bashed my head against the terrible PvE combat mission system in this game. The risk/reward is insanely bad compared to any other MMO. The mission briefs are pretty garbage and give you no idea as to what you will be facing, though they will give you a page of useless flavor txt. A large number of them take you trig invasion areas making them impossible. On top of that they will regularly send you on near suicide missions that ether require a fleet or 2-3 different fits required with no proper warning. God forbid you accidently accept a “anomic” mission you will lose everything. From what I have experienced the missions system has not become any better, but has instead become a cluster of half assed attempts to expand the content? The only other option I have found for solo/PvE is abyssals and they are even worse risk/reward than the missions unless your talking t4/t5. And even then you lose it all if you have a disconnect or make a minor mistake. I am wondering if this is most other players issues with the solo/PvE experience in the game?

:red_circle: I like the experience of missions, especially particular missions like The Assault or Police Invasion.

Sure there are a few missions when you have run them provide an enjoyable experience. That said this game has terrible player retention and I think part of it is the terrible mission system and solo pve content. I almost things have gotten worse with their attempts to add content without fixing what is a fundamentally flawed mission system. I was just wondering if people were having similar experiences.

Well, I gave my answer to you in the other thread like this one you made.

That bored huh troll? Thanks for the outstanding feedback. Have fun responding to your own comments.

This might be a better spot for me to suggest this than the other thread and maybe something the CSM can take with them to Iceland; would CCP consider making it so the other rat types would escalate like they do in Serpentis and Guristas spaces?

Angel Hideways for example don’t escalate to 3/10’s. Gurista and Serpentis ones do though. It’d give more reasons for players, new and old to spread out and farm different areas.

Risk in missions is about the lowest of any PVE activity. And if you want to maximize your efficiency you can make damn good money for HS income.

So an attempt at lore and story is a bad thing for PVE? As pointed out there are plenty of guides to list the details if you don’t want the surprise yourself (which is true for pretty much EVERY game’s PVE).

Welcome to invasions. They are wreaking havoc all over High sec. But I’m pretty sure that is, yea by design. The invasion will not last forever.

Citation needed. I can’t think of any near suicide missions I’ve run.

Sure the mission system is old. It’s static. And it gets boring. But every repeatable PVE in every game i’ve played is boring.

The mission system is the worst PvE in the game. It’s also some of the oldest and most poorly coded, so changing it is well nigh impossible. I have forced myself to run some level 4s every week or so just to remind me that they suck.

I hope that this is an area that gets more attention, and I will keep bringing it up.

As an aside, I also fully expect to hear massive levels of bitching and moaning if they ever decide to remove them from the game, even if it is to replace them with something better.



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Exactly how do they suck ? Not that I don’t agree, but more details may be interesting.

Do you mean that they become repetition too fast ? That there is no challenge ?
Did you try several different fits ?

Boring, repetitive, too easy, mindless, and they pay poorly.

Yeah, but do you run burner missions and level 5’s? I hear the Minmatar agent in Amamake gives out missions that aren’t mindless.

Naw, don’t have the patience for all the pulling.

Yeah, I thought I was losing my mind. I was like, “didn’t I already reply to this guy?”


This thread is redundant. He already created another thread that said almost the exact same thing.

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