PvE upgrade

I’ve simply seen too many allusions to the boring, repetitive quality of PvE in EVE such that I thought I would add to these comments the reason I don’t play PvE any more - and would like to.

I agree that it doesn’t take long to be bored by the repetitiveness of the missions. But there is another, more important reason for the entire PvE scenarios to be revamped.

It doesn’t matter much which agent, which corp or which faction you are doing missions for - you lose standings - so it’s a win-lose situation in PvE, no matter what you do. It’s like running in place.

Make the PvE mission win-win AND change the entire genre of missions to an interesting Role Play scenario and there would be few complaints. I’m a very young clone in this game and I can do L4 security missions solo - BUT I don’t do missions any more because I lose standings with somebody every time I do missions…fullstop.

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… and that’s it right there.


Eve is a game about choices, risk and reward. Win win isn’t really an option, You work for one empire their enemies aren’t going to like you thats just the way it is. (Try Interbus agents)

Other than that, yeah the PvE could do with a revamp, but that requires lots of dev time, dev time is expensive and the CCP of today don’t want to make that investment.


It’s only repetitive because you make it like that. There’s other ways to do missions or exploration sites solo instead of doing it with the same ship every time, try doing it differently with a smaller hull class ship or even fleet up with a few other players to run it.

As for the standings, that’s where the consequences for actions comes into play. Now if you don’t want to deal with that, then don’t do missions set against other Empire Factions, also don’t do the Storyline missions. Or you can just do as @Chan_aar suggested and run missions for Interbus.


Yeah… that’s kinda the point.

With that said though you lose far less than you gain and there are skills to amplify positive standings and negate negative ones.


That’s the point of standing, you are helping someone against someone they dislike, of course the other part isn’t going to like that


I think PvE becomes boring in any game once you’ve done it long enough, that’s the reason why so many players who have only played single-player games over the years are seeking out multi-player games: boredom.
I’m a new player as well and I know that at some point I will get bored with the missions. That’s why I don’t run missions constantly every time I log in. I try to do a variety of things during my few-hour playthroughs and EVE doesn’t lack in variety: Exploration, Mining, Industry, Ratting… I buy and sell, I spy on some players, trying to see if they’re alts and what their intentions are, I will also get into hauling and am looking into Ganking and general PvP.
I pace myself so that I won’t get bored.

As far as losing standing while missioning, that’s completely and rightfully JUST and FINE. You can’t expect to have good relations with an empire you have decided to slight by accepting a mission that will be a nuisance to them. That’s simply logical and should be expected.

And Win-Win gets boring, too, and it’s meaningless then. If I know there are no consequences for my actions and choices and I can do whatever I want without repercussions then what’s the point of even logging in? It gets stale and fake.

Maybe PvE needs a revamp but please, don’t make it too easy or meaningless, that would be even worse than the state it’s in right now.


Agree with normal missions effecting faction standings, but would like them to change certain parts. One of the easiest ones would be to introduce (or simply change standing changes) from certain storyline missions in a 1 out of 4 or 5 ratio to be opposing faction standing neutral.
Specifically, missions against Rogue Drones or Blood Raiders who jeopardize all they meet regardless of faction and missions where you rescue citizens of an opposing side or bring needed medical (or other items) supplies should NOT cause a corresponding ding to your standings.
If you get one storyline every 16 missions and introduce 1 out of 4 or 5 storylines to be opposing faction neutral, that means it takes up to 1 out of 80 missions run to get one that doesn’t ding your other faction standing. True it’s incredibly slow progress, but at least it is some progress. Nowdays, I just have to ignore all storyline missions. Thank God for epic arcs.

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Are you sure? The Witcher PVE never grew boring to me and neither did the PVE in Cyberpunk. I also don’t think that EVE PVE is boring, neither old nor new. For a time I ran the ever same few missions and never was I really bored with them. Why? Because they remained challenging to me because I did not use a bling bling boat but instead a ship that was just barely holding up if piloted properly.

Another problem with the notion that PVE is boring by certain developers and the perception that it is boring by certain players is that its self-reinforcing. You only get more “boring” PVE if people keep saying that it’s “boring”. That leads to crappy PVE content like Trig invasions and Poochven and Abyss as well as combat anoms that are soulcrushingly repetitive without any need for creativity.
In contrast, fun PVE like DEDs that you can use for various shenanigans or missions require creative thought by players and developers alike and thus we don’t get them anymore. They are just too hard to create and do for certain people.

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When I used to do missions, I’d do level 4s in an Ishkur. Lots of fun.

Come to think of it, I’d do everything in an Ishkur. From harassing ice miners to COSMOS missions to running DED sites. Loved that ship. Still do.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


I’m sure of this: I got bored to hell playing single-player games over the years and that’s why I turned my attention to multi-player games.
Good enough?

Yes, they need to revamp missions. Not because of the standing system, which is little more than some RP fluff (want to fix your standings, take a look at the plan), but doing missions is boring as ■■■■ and very likely the biggest sinner when it comes to player retention.

The PvE experience is just so completely dull compared to other games. So when missions are the most intuitive way to “progress” through the tutorials (career agents → SOE arc), it can hardly be a mystery that most players quit within the first days of trying the game.


The EVE standings system is dogshit.

In my many years of killing players for money, I’ve encountered very many who resigned themselves to do nothing but run shitty missions for the rest of their EVE lives simply because that’s what they got locked into. CCP is stupid to design their game in such a manner (and then never budge on that decision) considering how much burnout it causes.

I have not gotten bored by EVE PVE. And single player games PVE is so much more entertaining than EVE’s PVE because it does so much more to capture your attention and drag you into the experience. I had missions in Witcher and Cyberpunk that left me completely flabbergasted or high on serotonin as if I had taken drugs. So, no, not good enough.

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I guess we’re talking about preferences here, just like music, some like a certain kind and others don’t.
Like The Witcher. I played The Witcher 3 and didn’t even finish the game, I thought it was lame. But I am still playing M&B Warband and Caesar IV… So it is what it is.

And if it’s not good enough for you then that’s too bad because I got nothing better :slight_smile:

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i’m just starting the new DLC expansion for avengers… so yea… i prefer pve over PVP games… but as far as EVE PVE, it’s got its place in New Eden just like anything else.

I want my single cat-ear.

Sounds like just another new player wanting something for nothing. I’ve been playing EVE for 15 years now, and I have a mission running toon that has only positive standings with 19 factions and 156 NPC corps. It can be done. And I haven’t burned out from it. You can’t just go killing anything and everything in sight without repercussions…


Missions: locked behind a painful standings grind if you want to progress to higher level ones.
Payouts are garbage.

Abyssals: buy any filament you want right away.
Payouts can be superb.

Combat anomalies: run anything you want right away.
Payouts can be superb.


No, for me it’s because there are so few single player games being made with the features I want. Sandbox, skills instead of perks(■■■■ you, bethesda), survival, building, etc. Id actually prefer that the game I play be single player, I tolerate them being multiplayer.

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