No new PVE content - current PVE is boring grind and has zero impact on the universe, race-conflicts meaningless- Suggestion

Hi everyone,

Why there is no new PVE content ? There are so many options to create a good dark story or the conflict between the factions/ Sansha / Pirates and even to merge it with PvP, for example : Building “LEXX”-like ships which require player bodies as construction or fuel and are able to destroy planets. Creating NPC Corps Events like Sansha Incursions linked proportionally to influence of PVE players - establishing “Incursion”-like Patrols/Outposts/Sentries/Bases in Low/Null if enough players of certain faction do some missions/conquer the opposite faction there ( Would give the NPC tax lore meaning ). It should be possible in the end to conquer central systems - How cool would it be to read : Amarr/Gallente/Guristas etc. Capital Hub conquered /Minmatar enslaved or freed again. NPC goods like slaves or exotic dancers could be used as a ressource in building - shortening the time and affecting the faction standings. I could go on and on and I guess Im not the only one RPG/Story focused player here.

Right now all PVE is simply grind “fuel resource” for PVP - serving to aquire ships and modules. it has zero impact on the universe, besides slight market influence again on ships and modules. I have great standings to Amarr/Caldari and Mordus, I did the Epic Arks, fly marauder ships in all 5 and still some lousy players pirate corporation has more influence than me - preventing me from entering the Mordus Legion station.
This is not a true sandbox game - in a sandbox game all content has to have impact on the game as a whole. Hell, even in a WoW like Guild Wars 2 if you do enough Dungeons/Missions you can aquire certain boni like Exp boost or more bounties for your guild. And they dont advertise themselves as a sandbox game.


CCP have introduced new PvE content lately, there are

  • The Pirate Shipyard (in null sec)
  • The NPC mining operations (which are mostly ignored apart from where they empty all the belts)
  • The Pirate Forward Operating Bases (which have such poor rewards and huge risk that they are mostly ignored)
  • Resource Wars (which are mostly ignored because the rewards ie the LP Store options are overpriced and generally poor)

So CCP have spent a LOT of time and resources making new PvE, that is mostly ignored because all we want are some more missions added to the pool … :psyccp:


You are correct, some new missions especially lvl 4 would be greatly appreciated.


There is PVE content, but the backbone of “random missions” will not be replaced with the kind of epic story arc that takes you from level 1 to level 80 and holds your hand through each zone, that you see in themepark MMO’s and love so much.

Players go through a new WoW or SWTOR expansion in about 3 months. It takes at least 6 months, more like 9+, to crank one of those out, and you need a large team 100+ devs. CCP has, like, 20, they’ve never been big. And in any case, it takes 3 years to go from “scratch” to “WoW vanilla (levels 1-50)”, and that’s what it would take here because EVE doesn’t have the zones, or the levels, or the quest giver system that WoW had.

In case you haven’t noticed, CCP is going the low-effort way of just tossing in some (PVP) ships or maybe a citadel, and letting us players do all the “work” of providing “content”. That’s what your CEO and directors are for. If they aren’t giving you daily fleet ops and holding your hand as the corp moves to 0.0 or whatever, you’re in the wrong corp / playing the game wrong.

Ultimately if you want quest series and complex synchronized dancing on stage to win a boss fight, play one of the MMO’s that offers that. EVE isn’t it.


You can go pve/pvp:

  • Exploration
  • Factional Warfare
  • Null Ratting
  • Scaming
  • Harrasing
  • Suicidal Gang
  • Bait Gang
  • Fraud
  • Extorsion
  • Camping
  • Mission runner
  • Invention
  • Industry
  • Trading
  • Drug Dealing
  • Corporation Control
  • Mining
  • Hauling

If that not enought content for you, go play minecraft. Eve is not for you…

No. The new PvE content is ignored because the rewards are terrible. AFK ratting gets you more ISK/h …


Getz gets it.

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Because lore is meaningless?

There is plenty of new content, just that most of it is not what most players are looking for.

As stated by posters above:

New Shipyards in null sec - there should be some better anomalies all across, WH, Low Sec and High Sec, not just null sec.

Resource Wars - Pointless due to the rewards, not worth doing, I personally skipped them totally because I am combat oriented and want nothing to do with mining. But I have also heard complaints from players that do them, that they blow up to fast and need a lot longer durations to allow time to change ships, get together with another player or 2 if need, etc.

FOBs - pointless due to rewards. Also need to be made challenging solo player content. Otherwise they will stay as empty as is. Need to be accessible to either a really good single solo vet player or a group of total newbs. They’re way too hard to do for far too little.

I would like to see a battleship burner missions among other things. Maybe more explo missions and opportunities.

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sounds like you’d enjoy role playing, maybe go down that road, the content you seek is in the game, just not provided by CCP in the way you’d be used to with other games.

Knock, Knock - all PVE you listed like Exploration or Ratting right now is dry grind - to get/provide ships/modules. It does not create anything new in terms of impact or influence. How can it be that standing to an NPC corp on one hand has zero impact - lets take players like me who are casual and play for roleplay aspect like to learn more about a certain faction like Amarr or Caldari, their technology and culture. On the other hand you can be a noob gang camping a gate with negative standing to any npc faction and have more weight than a long term player who prefers rpg-mmo element. Now I do not say that PVP or PVE play style is wrong or better than the other, I simply want it to be balanced.

It should have same weight if you identify with a NPC faction the same way you identify with Goons or Red Russians. NPC factions could give you raid expeditions as a solo or group - lets say a certain number of players was killed in Amarr Lowsec XYZ-Gate by player pirates. Now an Amarr Navy could invoke a CTA for a certain number of time for all players with excellent standing to Amarr to investigate and defend that system/gate and give special rewards for it, like medals with DED like rewards /with more medals Officer like modules. Attacking a member of your own gang in that case would strip you of all medals and make you a persona non grata in that space. Exploration could be also linked to factions - new technology like decay-burnout deployable radar beacons which would give an acoustic signal to miner operations if reds/gankers appear on d-scan or shield-armor boost droids wich work only in 10 km distance to a gate and require standing to be deployed and onlined. You could also donate LP/ISK/ ( for that you need to change the npc tax system ) for certain boni like a passive faction command ship which will give you boni on mining/raid/CTA fleet ops given by npc corporations. Right now I simply do not see any reason to play and pay ! as I aquired everything with the current non existent roleplaying component.

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There is no such thing as challenging PVE in eve online. First of all it’s a sandbox mmorpg which means people will piss in your pot rather than give you a hand, secondly it’s ran by people with very little imagination and a high inclination towards ■■■■■■■ up :slight_smile:

The only thing that keeps it alive is a mix of game difficulty that makes people bond and work together towards achieving hard goals and the age of the average player. It is also really really hard to keep a ppm formula up and running in the era of f2p. The new alphas attempts will bring new people in but the wrong kind of people I believe and open the door for better hisec ganking :slight_smile:

As for the PVE, unless you like repetitive tasks, forget about it and just go to hisec, grab a tornado and shoot haulers :slight_smile:


This exactly. Add more missions and keep the customers happy.

Instead of that, CCP has spent years attempting to rethink PvE according to CCP, Nullseccers, PvPrs and any random dude walking his dog by CCP’s offices. Never according to PvErs, despite the neverending attempts to convey the message that the only thing that’s wrong with missions is that the pool hasn’t been expanded for years.


You hit the nail on the head the mission pool needs expanding, how many times must we rescue the Damsel. Oh and let us fly supers and do lvl 5 missions in high-sec.


Why? The risk for level 5s includes the danger of being in low sec. Moving them to hi sec would require reduced payout.

As for caps in hi sec, it would be foolish. You might as well paint a giant War Dec Me sign on the ship.

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As previously stated ad nauseam in other threads, if CCP could create a mission generator that offered random generated enemies,loot, and variety of difficulty within the level of mission requested , you would satisfy the needs and wants of most of the PvE players. However, CCP keeps listening to the echo chamber of null sec alliance/corp chat and voice com’s, never seeming to understand that they need feedback/iidea’s from the group that have begging for new content for years. Keep advocating all you want, but I doubt that CCP will ever change from giving people what they think they need and not what they actually want.


I disagree. What is the difference between rescuing the Damsel from the Pleasure hub or from world’s collide? It will still be warp in, kill rats, loot wreck, rinse, repeat.

You could make this as variable as you want but it won’t change the simple repetitive nature. Warp in, kill rats, repeat. Making the space look different or making the number of pockets won’t change anything.

Yet the good stuff that CCP has done is ignored because it doesn’t pay well. How will that go over with the population if you get a string of procedurly generated missions that are all the equivalent of Duo of Death? People will still complain.

Sorry but more missions won’t change anything unless CCP goes really crazy and mixed aspects of Ghost Sites, exploration sites, incursion mechanics, and FOB mechanics and then people would complain because they can’t min/max missions any more.

Procedurally generated missions are simply a unicorn thrown out by PvE fans who want something new but don’t realize what they are asking for wouldn’t change anything.


Pretty sure this is a sandbox MMO, where CCP creates some rules, some little bits of stuff here and there, and the players use that stuff to generate the ongoing lore.

Want lore about the factions being at war with each other? Research some of the history of faction warfare and change names from (for example) “xlPWNlx Lolz” to…whatever sounds good for the faction, Herbert Hoover or whatever.

Want lore about entities outside of the factions or the major corporations warring with each other in the vast frontier of space, research some of the null sec wars and the politics behind them (extremely interesting btw).

This game is ever changing and all that PvE stuff (mission grinding in particular) is to fill your pockets with ISK so you can afford different ships.

No one cares about the Damsel. Push her out the air lock and let her turn into a Damsel-cicle.

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Wow, I just love people that can tell me what I’ll like or not like, sounds like the same old CCP way of thinking. There have been several great ideas like combining exploration mechanics with mission running, mixing up npc opponets, add different stackable items that when combined offer a one time new site, and loads of other ideas that are worth at least a look at and investigation. However, you and CCP seem to be in agreement that what we are asking for is not what we want or need, despite the long time running and constant demand for a change. You think we all want to min/max, have huge isk tics, and afk in our VNIs, when what many of us want is challenging and fun new content. Stop telling those EVE players that are looking for change that they are wrong in what they want CCP to explore, it is arogant to think that only your way is correct; people play EVE in a whole bunch of different styles and needs. Telling people that have a different view of gameplay developments than you that they are not only wrong, but childishly wrong, tells far more about you than them.




As in player driven content. How about you people quit CHOOSING to come to a game that is well known for, and advertised, as a player driven game.

“Whaaaaah eveeyone gets to play their own way whhhhaaaaahhhh”


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