Why some just dont get it. The noob thread

Every time I watch people complain ahem cough on behalf of noobs ahem its always the same thing.

But until now I never got wht that thing was.

They want a game that hands you story line. Dare I bring out the WOW hammer and say

…like WOW?

In many games, you join, some npc tells you things are happening, to go here and do this or that to get stuff that levels you plainly in one direction.

Not EvE.

EvE the players are the story line.

The now old wars with Bob and goons.

The alliances.

The ganking.

All of it.

If you run missions the NPC story line very quickly caps out…story content in EvE is maybe 1% of what’s in Diablo 3.

But player story content is 1000x what any of those other games can offer.

The most epic player driven story to happen in WoW were South Park’s Make Love Not warcraft and the famed Leeroy Jenkins troll.


So. Next time you see a noob cough I mean a pro pleading for the noobs that there needs to be more PvE or they need to fix PvP or there needs to be safe areas…

Just realize that person doesnt get it and doesnt see the story they are a part of.


Truth is a three edged sword.

I’ll settle for nunchaku

It would maybe help, if we had a scripted story arc which introduce players to all aspect of the game, including non-consensual parts. An NPC stealing your loot, gank you, fight you PvP-style … kobayashi maru test, and then having Aura teaching you how to cheat EvE style.


This gives me the idea of a kind of EVE news feed that plays like the news played in Starcraft.

Only you get actual news events like major battles in Null and stuff

I would enjoy an RP news feed on player interactions every now and then. Someone dressed up with “The Voice” of the people. IDK, it could be anyone or various speakers & visitors that play the part. Could even be a crazy prophet. Would make storyline more interesting with actors. Might be too much

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I would contest that claim. Most player content is boring as hell. Any mission in EVE is more engaging and diverse than most player content in EVE. The only thing that makes player content seem more interesting is a resemblance of possible random outcomes and unpredictability. What else is there, though?
Sitting around in space waiting for a hunter to find some target while you watch YT. Sitting in a structure while nothing is going on outside while you wait for a ping. Sitting around in 10% tidi getting annoyed because your ship is unresponsive and you don’t know whether you just shot something or died 20 minutes ago. Or flying around empty space in the hopes to find something to shoot. PVP is just as repetitive as missions.

And here you forget that 99% of all PVP originates from some form of PVE.

  • You hunt anom runners. PVE.
  • You bait some hunter in your anom. PVE.
  • You camp a gate to a good PVE area. PVE.
  • You sit in a relic site to smash an Astero. PVE.
  • You bomb excavators that merrily mine. PVE.
  • You bait some mission runner by stealing their loot. PVE.
  • You destroy MTUs in anoms or missions. PVE.
  • You invade someone’s space because you want to move into better farming grounds. PVE.
  • You camp someone’s space to kill ratters, miners or unsuspecting travelers. PVE.
  • You compete in markets for the most ammo, ship and drone sales because your ratters or local mission runners and miners keep dying. PVE.
  • You produce things because people keep dying in your area. PVE.
  • You build structures to facilitate PVE so that you can PVP and “PVP” happens around these structures. PVE.

So, next time some noob cough I mean pro pleading for less PVE and PVP needs to be fixed or there need to be more dangerous areas … Tell them that there needs to be more PVE content. Because PVE creates PVP. Only noobs would say otherwise.


I agree with a lot of what you said.

It is unfortunate the E-Bravado in much of the Eve player base has facilitated some of its worse game design mistakes.
It has sucked much of the “oxygen” out of the game’s potential growth.

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Do we need yet another thread?




Yeah. Hey, newly subbed guy? It’s cool you’re all gung-ho now that you’ve decided EVE is something you want to pay for. And, you know, it’s kinda traditional, now that you’ve decided you’re a badass EVE player, to start doing the “EVE is the bomb and everyone who doesn’t like it is a filthy WoW fanboi”.

Given that “every time you watch people complain on behalf of noobs” amounts to what, a half dozen threads in the last couple months? I’d say you maybe missed a few points.

Some players have been around long enough to watch entire generations of new players, old players, beginning players, leaving players, and hear their concerns.

Many of those concerns have to do with things like game balance, monetization models, value for money and time spent, respect for the gamer/customer, boring game mechanics, poor UI design, and most compellingly, an overall lack of understanding about what motivates people to play certain playstyles.

So next time you see an EVE player cough I mean ancient noob recently returned say that EVE is awesome and it’s all about the stories the players tell and other people just don’t get it…

Wait a year or two. That guy will either be gone, or singing a different story.


Simply, if most of your gaming experience entails being led by the hand to endlessly level up then Eve can be quite a shock. Eve’s stength is it is player driven for the most part, we don’t really need CCP to emulate what everyone else does.

For me the best aspect of Eve is co-operating with other players for a common goal, I don’t care if that’s hisec mining or drops in null, it’s what keeps me playing.

But we all need more alphas, and more alphas subbing, and playing, and getting it, understanding what makes Eve fairly unique. IMO CCP need to promote Alpha co-op play wherever they can and direct them to it when they first start.


Sometimes, it’s as if God is sitting (probably buck naked) in the chair beside me, just laughing his bare [expletive deleted] off. “Being the villain.” IS being the hero.

“It remains to be seen whether I will be the hero of my own life.”

WTF are you rambling about now?


You mean like an actual well made NPE?

What a silly idea, it’ll never catch on.

Go away fake Kosh: Understanding is a three-edged sword.


He does not understand


No worries. Just wanted to give you guys a bone to run with. :smile:
But at least you know what I was alluding to, which is more important than wining a forum Pvp phrase fight.

Have you considered hunting yourself then? Most corps are not short of people willing to watch youtube until a ping comes along, they are short of people actually willing to hunt.

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Ehhhh the market hasn’t rationalised on those items yet.