No Incentives to Group Up (PVE)?

From my admittedly limited knowledge, there’s little to no incentive for players to join up unless it’s for end-game PvE content (ie: incursions). I know PvP is huge in EvE, but one of the things I personally enjoy in MMOs is co-op. There’s plenty of group PvE content in other games - and I’m not saying one game is better than the other; this is not about making comparisons -, and for a noob without perfect skills and lots of ISK, much of the PvE content could be a lot better with friends and cooperation.

The incentive, unfortunately, is just not there. Everyone is doing their own thing solo unless it’s PvP or incursions (and there are some people doing these solo as well from what I’ve googled). This makes the whole gaming experience feel crushingly lonely, which beats the purpose of having other players around.

Do you guys have any suggestions where / how to find like-minded people interested in flying together for fun instead of for an ISK per hour metric or PvP “blobbing”?

Depends on the activity you want to do.

Mining is better with friends.

Many other activities however are just better with people doing their thing each by their own.

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Most of the triglavanian ships have a bonus to remote repair strength. Maybe you could fly two cruisers or battle cruisers for better damage application where you would normally fly a single battle ship and rely on each other for tank.

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FOBs were supposed to be group content, but mostly failed. Triglavian invasion systems are similar to incursions and people fleet up to do the PvE. Wormholes are a nice mix between PvE and PvP - fleets running PvE are commonplace.

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Part of the issue is they dont make PvE that really requires groups play outside incursions, that is also profitable enough for the individual.


I have never tried it, but I didn’t think high class wormholes were soloable.

Alot of the time its one person multiboxing.


Sigh . . .

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I agree. Yesterday three people came asking for an activity that would fit a 3-mates team, as beginners. After telling them to do the career agents, they tried anoms in LS and were wrecked.

This is something I’d be interested in. Particularly doing Emerging Conduits and trying to see how new player friendly I can make the participation requirements.

Right now I have two problems, though, the first is that I don’t have a lot of time and I’m not sure if my sporadic hours would be convenient for anyone else, and the second problem is that I can’t log in at all for the time being, presumably due to the attacks on TQ, so I will probably be busy with some damage control for a while when I can log in.

Anyway, if you just want to do some stuff with someone who’s not too worried about isk, you might give me a try sometime when conditions improve for me and I can log in.

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Well, one possibility that I happen to do with my usual mate is to try to duo missions that we can’t solo.

Basically, solo we can do L2 and maybe L3, so we duo some L4.

But it’s only viable and useful as long as you can’t solo L4 easily.

Then again you seem to be a beginner so I’m guessing it’s not the case for you?

There is no end game in Eve and thinking there is, is a huge part of the problem.

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no incentive to fleet in PVE?

so fleeting with 10 others is a waste of time?

better tell the guys and girls I mission with that!

and tell them the billions we get from fleet missioning is incorrect!

put it tthis way;

fleeting increases chances of survival of fleet members

allows for fast turn over of missions

allows lower lvl players to gain high standing rewards from missions that they can’t access with their low standings

provides a better anti-ganking target

high ISK and LP returns over a short period of time



anyone that say fleeting missions is doing too lower lvl missions or doing missions too high for their fleet to handle.

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But most of the time the perfect fleet is you + your toons.
Only in cases like HQ incursions, where you cant multibox enought toons, you need to start inviting other players.
Also, what missions are you doing with 10 people? Null burner fleets should be a bit smaller or are you talking about incursions?

We used to do lvl4 mission with 12 in fleet, two would be out of area getting/closing missions or returned with new mission. We rolled missions so fast it was almost a joke.

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That would be fun. In the early part of my time playing EVE, me and a friend did that, we would take turns rolling missions and running them together.

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good way to have fun as a group, make isk, standings and LP’s fast

Edit (additional info)
Should add to this, that we had a few guys run the numbers (yes i know, even i’m not that much of a geek to do this) and found running fleet mission as we were with alts running behind salvaging the wreaks and loot, it was easy to make over a bil each for a few hours a night

The best night was when we have three pulling lvl4 blockade missions one after another, think we did 8 one after the other, finish one fleet would fly to the next as salvage alt flew in on bookmark.

I think it was a mission every 6-15 minutes depending on the mission. Some deadspace missions we let salvage and miner alts clean then out of everything.

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In PvE there is. ISK/hour has a maximum and once you can farm the content that provides the maximum you have reached the endgame.

The chances of survival in missions is 100% even solo. If you have a non-zero chance of dying in a mission then you are doing something badly wrong.

high ISK and LP returns over a short period of time

Nope. 10 people doing missions in a fleet provides no more ISK/hour than 10 people doing their own solo missions simultaneously, and any increase in per-mission speed is offset by having to divide up the per-mission reward between multiple players. The only way you come out ahead on ISK/hour is if you are multiboxing multiple accounts and keep all of the rewards for yourself.

And really, if you’re talking about optimized farming setups, doing missions in a fleet gives you less ISK per hour than solo farming. Once you reach a certain level of optimization the time spent warping to/from the mission becomes a significant factor, and farming missions in sequence instead of in parallel means maximizing the time you spend in warp not earning income.

abyssals are good but wish there were more similar activites in k space because its a bit stressful sometimes

This value being ?

The highest consistent gain I remember I made in normal PVE is 1B/h per account, with two accounts (excluding unreliable loot) - over like 10h of farming. This does not mean I can’t do more.

{citation needed}

If you want to be efficient in PVE, then you need to be on the edge of your survivability. A disconnect and you lose your ship.

Remember that not everybody farms in fulltank rattles.

Did you make the numbers ?

If you are in fleet, you can reduce your survivability even more, going full sniper fleet : no need to tank when the rats die before they can hit you. So you can go full hyperspatials + range instead of tank rigs and eg web or MJD.
Also one dedicated painter is enough, and/or one web. Fitting for fleet is much more efficient than fitting for solo.

I did not make those numbers. I do not claim you are wrong, however you clearly have no idea how to farm efficiently, so I highly doubt you have enough experience for your opinion to be of any relevance.