No Incentives to Group Up (PVE)?

Are you seriously this obsessed with following me everywhere and posting stupid replies?

Irrelevant. Nowhere did I claim any particular value, only that PvE has an endgame where you sufficiently optimize your farming and meaningful advancement stops. For example, in the mission progression you go from level 1 missions to level 2 missions, level 3 missions, level 4 missions, and finally optimized level 4 farming (or in rare cases level 5 missions). But eventually you reach your endgame and that is what you will do for the rest of your time as a mission farmer. This is in contrast with open-ended PvP goals like “conquer all of EVE”, where there’s no achievable endgame and there’s always more progress to make.

Remember that not everybody farms in fulltank rattles.

I never said they did. When I bother doing missions at all I use a ship with a two slot tank, and the only reason I don’t use a one slot tank is that the stacking penalty makes further damage mods useless. And I’ve never even come close to dying with that ship. In fact, I can’t even imagine a scenario where I lose it without external factors (flying drunk, lag, etc) being the primary cause.

And yes, obviously if you disconnect and fail to emergency warp out you can lose a ship. Sever problems apply to everything, there’s no point in trying to plan against them.

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I think you’re being too kind here…

{citation needed}

I’ve generally tried to refrain from responding to the stupid in AGs posts… but sometimes it’s just too much.


Are you seriously this obsessed by your little ego to believe that I could care about you ?
You write something wrong, I correct you. You don’t like it, stop posting, kid.

Then this value does not exist, so it may as well be infinite.

That’s yet to be proven.

I did not say you said.

But if your ship is tanky enough, you may not lose your ship unless very unlucky. With fits optimized for IPH, you lose your ship at any disconnect.

You should refrain from posting.

Uh, right, so could you tell me how you run level 6 missions then? Because until you do level 4/5 will be the endgame.

With fits optimized for IPH, you lose your ship at any disconnect.

No you don’t. I already explained this to you, I have a ship that is fit purely for dps with the only tank being in the extra slots left after reaching the stacking penalty limit on dps. And I have never even come close to losing it. Not even after switching windows in the middle of a mission to chat with someone and forgetting to switch back to EVE and turn on my tank. Outside of having the extremely bad luck to be tackled just as the connection drops there’s still plenty of HP buffer to survive long enough for the emergency warp to happen. Perhaps you just have lower skills or can’t afford a real ship and so your glass cannon fits are more vulnerable?

Unrelated. Read what I wrote before cherry picking words and whining.

Or perhaps glass canon are just more efficient, by a factor of several times ?
cf what I wrote about rattler, that you obviously failed to understand again.

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Keep whining, bitch.

No it’s not. level 6 mission absence does not prove it.

That just talks about your inability to think .
I guess you never heard about the drug skillbooks.

It means that you are a retard. It does not prove what you claim it proves.

And still your prove your intellectual disability , by showing your inability to stick to the context of what I wrote.

If you fly a “maximum DPS ship that can survive a disconnect” , then of course you lack the ability to understand what I’m talking about.

So yeah, you reached your maximum potential long ago.
Only talks about your inability to think. No wonder you are a whining bitch.

I like it when I can form a post of dumb from what you’ve written previously, I especially like the part where you fail to form a coherent sentence while calling out others, top effort.

I’d be funny if it weren’t so very very sad.


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I’m glad you’re honest enough to admit it. Let me help you by explaining:

Endgame content is the end state of a linear progression through tiers of increasing difficulty with corresponding increases in rewards.

PvE has endgame content because it has that linear progression. Whichever form of PvE you choose (missions, data/relic sites, etc) you progress through this sequence and reach the end of it. At this point you are doing the most challenging content with the highest reward, there is no higher tier to advance to and no reason to go back and do any lower-tier content. The fact that no missions beyond level 5 exist is indisputable proof that missions have an endgame, as there is a clear ordering of difficulty (complete with descriptive numbering!) and a finite end to the progression.

PvP does not have endgame content because there is no linear progression and no single end point. Even if you own and can effectively use a titan there are still reasons for an equally skilled and successful player to use a frigate, neither situation is “better” than the other.

If you fly a “maximum DPS ship that can survive a disconnect” , then of course you lack the ability to understand what I’m talking about.

You’re right, I don’t understand what it’s like to have low SP and/or ISK such that I can’t even survive a disconnect. I should have more sympathy for lesser players and try to understand their limitations.

And it still does not prove what you claim it proves.

Funny that you have literally zero notion of logic.

You are indeed too stupid to understand something that I still explained very clearly to you. Just because YOU can’t imagine a glass canon that would be several times faster than you, does not mean someone with a brain can’t.

Zero notion of logic, zero notion of reading.
How comes they let you out of the zoo ?

Yep, you’re an idiot.

Just because YOU can’t imagine a glass canon that would be several times faster than you, does not mean someone with a brain can’t.

Alternatively, I have sufficient skills and ISK that even my glass cannon fits have enough tank to survive a disconnect. Have you tried training your tanking skills beyond level II, or maybe investing in something nicer than a T1 battleship?

YOU are the one claiming something stupid.


Your stupid assumptions makes you misread everything I wrote.
It only shows your total inability to think.
Which is why you rely on whining.

It’s not my fault you’re stupid, misread everything I write, and can’t understand how I have demonstrated that you are wrong about everything. It only shows your total inability to think.

“no, U”.

You did demonstrate nothing about your claim.
You are a lying, whining bitch.

You claimed something and then showed that a part was true. Does not make the whole claim true. And now you focus on “but the part was true”. Well you still did not prove your claim. But you proved that you like to cry.

It’s not my fault you’re too stupid to understand what I wrote, it only shows your total inability to think.

I’d clean the thread but that would leave… 4 posts? 5 posts?

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