Content for 3-6 People


So I’m thinking about actively playing Eve again and thinking about creating a corp that runs PvE content for around 3-6 people that are new to the game.

Is there anything that fits this? I was lookng into the smaller Incursion sites but some research shows people have said that these sites are just “broken” in terms of balance (i.e. Vanguards are quicker).

By the way, this excludes mining :wink:



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How new a player are you thinking of? WH (particularly C4+) space or Pochven lend themselves to fleet PvE.


Abyssal sites are perfect for three players. I have heard that level 4 missions can also be done this way, as a small team of inexperienced players.

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The abyss supports 3. For 6 players you could do wormhole stuff. There isn’t much else that supports that number. Incursions require way more, and just about everything else is best done solo.

I think wormhole sleeper sites are your best bet. You can mitigate risk and do it cheaply and definitely make it work for newer players.

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Yeah, it seems we have options for support a low number of players (e.g. abyssals) at one end or lots of players (e.g. Incursions), but not somewhere in the middle.

Do you know if 3-person abyssals are the same tiers as solo? And, are they still just frigates or can you have 3-person cruiser abyssals now?

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It’s frigates but I believe there’s also 2 person destroyer ones. The rewards are far better than the cruiser ones. Even after being split 3 ways the rewards are still marginally better in the frigate ver. The tier 0 & 1 can be done in faction frigates. The higher tiers require pirate frigates or assault frigates.

The abyss could be a good way of sustaining your corp when not everyone is on but I would still look at wormhole sleeper sites for when you have a full house and feel like doing something a bit more special. You know… like a wormhole “op” that you do once a week or something.

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If you want to be a bit on the dangerous side / unexplored territory I would actually recommend Pochven. Most of the sites you find you can run with a few people. you have some pvp and you can mine inside the area as well.

Eve Comos areas, plenty of concentrated NPC’s that do decent DPS and also warp scramble, most areas are battlecruiser size only areas, besides all the salvaging some of the stuff you get from hacking sites is still worth a good price.

Some of the missions you get from agents can be great changes from all the normal stuff and the BPC’S you get can fetch good isk by selling or building with the stuff you collect while raiding caches.

Just learning the Comos area is a great diversion.

Yeah just be careful with these because you can only do them once and if you fail them or let them time-out you can’t re-accept the missions. Also many of the missions are essentially broken and CCP has no plans to fix them, in fact I believe I recall someone from CCP saying they will probably just remove them. The biggest benefit of cosmos missions is the massive amount of faction standing some of them give.

Are the cosmos missions the same as the epic arcs?

Nah, you can do the Epic arc every 3 months I think? Cosmos missions are a one time thing.

So, just don’t do any Cosmos missions until they are needed. It’s not that doing the content demands a mission to be done. A group of cruisers blasting through the contested site in Inder for example will get some ISK, and when they are done with the third room the starting room will be replenished with new rats. If they find out they are to quick, they can head over to Hjoramold and do the same thing there and go back later for another run in Inder. But, whatever they shouldn’t do is the hacking part in either Cosmos plex anywhere as a group. Why?, since the introduction of the hacking minigame with 40 cans or so to hack i rather watch a Bonsai tree grow.

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