Small group pve content in Hi-Sec?

Hi All,

So with the invasion sites now going away i am wondering what others are doing to create small group content for their corp. We deal with a lot of new players so it was easy for us to get them into the invasion sites in a fleet, get them talking with other members and how to follow fc directions.

It just seemed like such a natural stepping stone to start them at then they can move up to incursions if they wanted or over to pvp since they are building up an isk base to afford it.

So i guess i am just curious what others are doing to fill that roll of 4-10 player pve content.

Thank you for any insight

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Smaller incursion sites should be doable, plenty of good t1 hulls for newbros to be a part of it. You can also do some frigate or DD fleets in level 4 missions to help them get standings but still teach fleet tactics/fits in a more friendly setting. Be creative!


4 players can be perfectly suited for burner missions, where you can have 2 logis and 2 damage dealers, or just 4 dd if you can kill the enemy fast enough. Though you’re still likely to need different ships and strategies for different missions.

  • 2 Destroyer Abyssals
  • 3 frigate Abyssals
  • 2-3 people for Anomic Missions (obviously you can take more, but the money will turn to garbage and each person’s contribution will become less and less meaningful)
  • 2-3 people Combat Exploration Sites and Escalations (same thing as Anomic Missions)
  • Vanguard Incursions (not that incursions only have one focus up nowadays, so competition can get rather fierce at times)
  • Pirate FOB’s

Yeah, Abyssals available but they are more than little bit crap because of game mechanics. Gonna lose ships and pods because of network/server issues.

Well, I mean, you probably shouldn’t go abyss diving if you are experiencing CTD’s, BSOD’s, or random DC’s. Under normal circumstances, however, the chances of a DC should be extremely low. Moreover, if your ship value is appropriate for the tier you are running (and you know what you’re doing), your losses will be more than offset by your profits.

Sometimes those things are just out of your control. For example i get weird network freezes in EvE (while everything else using network keep working just fine). It just drops connectivity and only way to get it back is to restart the client. I heard quite a lot of similar complaints from other players.

And in group situations if one guy loses connectivity for whatever reason, whole group probably eats it.

Well, ■■■■ does sometimes happen, as I’ve had DC’s happen out of the blue. But I also often have a decent idea of what my risk for DC’s are. Like, I’m not going to go abyss diving if I see the orange bar on the launcher. And, it may be because I fly a lot of logi (and frequent the forums), but I think I have a pretty good feel for if the community is suffering an above average number of disconnects. For example, the number of DC’s I’ve seen while in fleet this week has definitely been higher.

Also, I’m not sure it makes any sort of difference, but I don’t think that someone DC’ing can cause someone else to DC. I think Mass DC’s are caused by other stuff. For sure, DDOS attacks can cause them, and I think that anti-DDOS protection services can sometimes cause them as well. But, I’m not an expert on this kind of stuff, so I could be wrong. What I can say with confidence, however, is that mass DC’s in PvE are exceedingly rare when compared to the frequency of individual DC’s.

Thats not what i meant by everyone eating it… I meant that if group member disconnects in abyss, rest of the group might not have enough dps/logi/whatever to finish it (dunno about specific abyss gameplay aspects if logi is even needed in group missions… Just know stupid abyss game design that you lose all your crap if you fail the deadline, even if its out of your control…)

Thread derailing quite a bit. Was just a warning to OP about it, now back to original programming…

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if you have connection problems you are going to lose ships doing just about anything.

Thats not even remotely true. In normal PvE, emergency warp saves your buttox 99% of the time. And rest 1% when youre actually tackled, you have time to log back in and finish doing whatever you were doing.

No such luxury in abyss…

That’s not true. Even in something as easy as non-burner level 4 missions, I lost my dominix every time if the dc happened when I just entered a pocket and hadn’t activate my MJD.

Thats just not how the game works.

Ive been disconnected a lot in lv4 missions, never lost a single ship. Almost always when logging back in, ship was 1M km away and warping back. Few times stayed in there when being scrambled by rats but still survived.

You seems overtanking your ship for lv4 missions.

Not currently. Before i took years long break from the game i was flying normal Raven or CNR with basic all mid slot T2 tank. Now flying CNR with very minimal tank (MWD blitz fit with guidance computers, sensor boosters and such…)

Either case, zero ships lost.

I think constantly losing ships in easy PVE content because you didn’t factor in time to reconnect from a DC means you make less isk/hr than someone who slightly overtanks :slight_smile:

not constantly, just like once or twice per month.

I guess my DC was simply more serious than the other guys. Oncer I dced in an incursion, and after like half a minute FC asked me “why do you warp out?”. Half a minute is definitely enough for enemies to kill my ship.
Also notice that factional ships naturally has 50% more hp than their T1 version.

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