Worst PvE Combat Mission System Ever?

Welp… frankly I don’t really care all that much if dear friend - or anyone else for that matter actually - thinks Xuex and I are the same person, Anderson. That would be kind of a little obvious if I were using characters with roughly similar names, eh? Guess that means @Xeux has to do what I say now, being my sock puppet and all. Sounds ok to me!

No, huh? Ok… You’re actually supporting the case that EvE isn’t intended to be pve-focused. I’m ok with that, but do you as a pve-enthusiast see that?

Anemic is my forum posting alt.

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I’m supporting the case that some PVE activities are worse when done in fleet. Actually most PVe activities that are designed to be done solo are better solo than in fleet.
I’ve done eg enough L4 or burners, with data about time, to know that doing them in fleet is worse. Mostly because most of the time is spend traveling, not doing the mission. Same for eg doing anoms. A few ones are actually worth more in fleet with 2 or three people, typically those that can loot salvage, but actually they are even in fleet worse than better activities done solo (like, other missions).

I also ran anoms in NS, and in fleet it was worse ticks with two people than alone. So better when each one does his own anomaly.

It was a joke, don’t take it seriously. A good enough answer could be “nope”.

“worse”…well ok…if one is all about the isk… Perhaps we see thing differently…I think things are more enjoyable with others and my enjoyment of a game is more valuable to me than the virtual pennies one gets.

But cool, folks do as you wish if that’s how you enjoy your game.

Dang. :confused:
Xuex still has to do as I say, though, right?

Oh, and nope.

yes, that’s why you do them.


  1. Missioning sucks. Don’t like it, don’t do it.

  2. Most missions are relatively easy. Some level 4’s can get a little hairy for lower skill players in cheaper fits, and anomic missions are certainly challenging, but I’d hardly say that

Hearing you say that only leads me to believe that you are doing something seriously wrong.

  1. Mission cards usually tell you what type of rats you’ll be facing. In fact, that usually have the faction logo. If you need more information than that, you can (as others have pointed out) check out Eve survival.

  2. Whiny forum posts tend to be greeted with hostility from the community.

  1. You should look harder

  2. Some of the things you said make me think you might like ratting in null-sec. You can do it solo, you’ll face pretty much the same thing every time, you can make decent money, and it’s not very risky if you know what you’re doing. Fortunately, many groups have ratting guides that spell out how to rat safely.

Xeux gave you respectful answers where he disagreed with you. You call him a trolling idiot. It seems that you post on the forum to get people saying that you are right. Then why posting on a forum if you cannot accept that some people may have different opinions than you? Just look at yourself in the mirror and talk to yourself?
It is obvious that eve is not the game you are looking for. And it seems obvious to me that you did many things wrongs, if you find missions too difficult, abyssal not rewarding, and nothing to do solo.
Explo, abyssal 3 frigates sites, so many things to do, and so much content solo or with friends. But what you do here is whining and complaining and calling idot the posters who disagree with you.

You talk about the new players retention rate? What we need is to retain the players who have the willing of learning, improving, hardening the ■■■■ up. Not those who are searching for an easy mode game. These players will finally leave eve because eve is harder than most other games, because you will still learn and discover new thing after some years of playing, because it is unfair. And you know what? many players love it.

You don’t like this game? no problem, try another one. Bye.

If you don’t like missions or mining, and you don’t want to join a corp and move to low/null, why do you still play? This isn’t me trying to be rude, I’m legitimately curious. If you want to just PvE, there are better MMOs or singleplayer games for that. I do think the descriptions can be a bit vague and wouldn’t mind having a bit more information especially with the prevalence of third-party sites that provide mission reports, but you seem to be trying to make the game fit you instead of trying to fit the game or finding one that already fits you.

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there are a ton of 3rd party resources that will tell/show you exactly what to expect and what skills and fits are required for completing them.

Don’t be such a wimp, put in a little effort and the rewards are pretty good.



Anemic: I agree that PvE missions are pretty bad, but there are some things you are going to have to accept about Eve Online.

  1. Most claims of isk/hour value out of PvE are fantasy. Someone scores a few high value items on pure RNG and then claims "you can make [huge amount] isk/hour doing whatever activity they were doing. Last night I was testing an alpha fit in Sansha space just plinking at "Sansha Hideaway"s, and out of 10 of them, I felt like a “true sansha” was spawning every time. Now, isk-wise that’s a horrible example, because the loot is often not worth more than 10,000isk, but it also shows how RNG can give one the impression of a high spawn rate on those sort of things.
  2. Eve is heavily slanted towards PvP and corp/alliance activity. The most reward per hour is going to be found outside of hi-sec.
  3. PvE, unfortunately, cannot be profitable, because of the alpha/omega accounts. CCP needs to “encourage” people to pay a subscription fee, but at the same time, PvE cannot be so profitable that people don’t have to grind to buy PLEX in order to keep their Omega status.
  4. I agree with Shipwreck Jones in regards to “suicide missions”. There are very few level 4 missions in hi-sec that cannot be run with a moderately fit ship, and none that can’t be run with a high end fit. The eve missions websites have all the info you need regarding which ships/items to shoot last so you avoid spawns etc.
    4a. And there-in lies the problem: Missions are all the same, and eventually you get tired of rescuing the damsel …again.

Mostly, don’t fall for the “I use this [bling fit] and make [stupid amount of isk] per hour in hi-sec!” stuff. It’s not impossible, just unlikely.

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