Loan request for Rattlesnake tripleboxing

(Strelok Holmes) #1

Hey guys,

I’d like to start triple boxing Rattlesnakes, but I’d need some capital for skill injectors. I can make about 260m/hour with a single one, i could buy the entire scc-lounge in a short time with 3.
I’m looking for 30b to get started, no collateral, private lap dances are negotiable.

(Catherine Solenne) #2

That sounds perfectly reasonable and not at all like a scam. I’m on board.

(Droodid) #3

Not even 260m ticks? No effort, not worth investing in.

(Strelok Holmes) #4

3 Rattles would give me the wh equivalent of 260m ticks. I heard it’s what the cool kids do these days.

(Solonius Rex) #5

Sure, ill send you 30 bill, but ill need full API key for all three chars with everything checked and posted here on the forums for dual confirmation.

(Elizabeth Norn) #6

Just in case anyone didn’t realise this was a joke post, here’s the thread it is referencing.

(Sabriz Adoudel) #7


And a kitten

(Strelok Holmes) #8

Still a better request than that guy who wants a loan to run missions. :smiley:

(Fannie Anathema) #9

For someone with no reputation you sure as hell are quick to judge.

Also, copy-pasting other jokes pretty much? Your trolling skills are poor.

(Strelok Holmes) #10

Yeah, like i need a reputation to judge. Have YOU got a reputation to be a snarky beach like that?

(Zanar Skwigelf) #11

I will gladly fill this loan, but I need you to pay the 2b transfer fee first. plz send iskies and I will get you your loan.

(Strelok Holmes) #12

Can I pay it in NSK (Nigerian Stellar Kurrency)?

(Mision Realizado) #13

Only you can prevent sharkbite. I will send you money if collateral is appraised at 50% Jita. Also sharknados.

(Strelok Holmes) #14

Okay, send. I’m pretty sure 50% of my collateral still amounts to 0 isk.

(William Ormono) #15

OP, did you go to all the trouble of creating a Manbun Scarfbeard look alike toon just for a couple of yucks in the new MD forums?

That’s more dedication than I’d have had!

(Strelok Holmes) #16

Well the “Would liek pledge 20b” guy isn’t around, and this subforum needed a running gag.

(Mision Realizado) #17

Three words, Holmes: Remote Desktop Management. That or screencaps of wallet balance, before / after Doomheim.

(Strelok Holmes) #18

Bump, my loan request is still ongoing.

(Zahara Cody) #19

Imagine that