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Hello viewer, I’ve recently injected into a rattlesnake and got the wrong missile skills for joining ‘‘Warp to me’’ incursions. I have time on my hands to do incursions this week but have no means of getting the 3 and half skill injectors for the cruise missile V skill. Would make the investment back in a few days from sitting at incursions. What concerns me and possible investor is the interest. link to the warp to me rattle fit here:

You didn’t really say how much you need, how long , what interest rate, collateral ?

Do you have anyone to vouch for you?

I will vouch for him for 280mm BPO…:sunglasses:

My I ask why you injected into a rattle? For incursions vindi’s/mach’s/nightmares are the optimal ships. If your not going to run one of those you would be better off just running a Rokh or one of the other T1 battleships(Rokh being the most optimal). Not trying to be rude but making what seems like a poor choice in the ship your wanting to peruse and then carelessly injecting the wrong skills after doesn’t make you look like a person who I would want to trust with my isk.

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Pretty sure everyone who read your post views the actual interest rate at about -100%.

Uh, Warp to me is a very noob-friendly fleet so they accept crap-fit rokhs which take about the same amount of time to train in as a week or so. If you already have the fit for the rattlesnake, mainly caldari battleship 3-4, you can fly a rokh with meta4 guns which take only like a day to train into.

And the fact that the website shows you what you need to train into, and you still made a mistake and got the wrong skills shows me that you are either too stupid to invest or you are a scammer. For all i know you will use 3 and a half skill injectors to inject into the wrong skills again and be here asking for more.

In other words, scam. I will pass, thanks.

Pardonn me for the late reply, was out of city the last couple days. I chose the rattle because its efficient enough to do c5 combat sites. I know incursions get boring eventually.

I went into the channel and asked if i could use t1 and was told no

thanks for the gesture :kissing:

I assumed the investor would post their offer on what they want back.

Just confirmed 5 seconds ago that meta 4(i.e. tech 1) blaster rokhs are allowed in Warp To Me incursions.

It takes literally a day if not less to skill into one.

So go do that instead of begging for isk here.

Ask for rattle with t1 cruise missiles Edit: I asked rattle requires t2

I cant discern over text wether its spike or evny thats coming from you. I’m sticking to flying my rattle. You have your way, I have my way. As for the right way, it does not exist.

I wrote in my response that you can fly a T1 meta4 rokh, and that if you have the skills to fly a rattlesnake you can fly a rokh. Why you chose to ask for a T1 Rattlesnake fit is beyond me, especially when it says on the website that you linked:

T2 Turrets and/or Launchers are required for the following ships Marauders, Barghests, Rattlesnakes, Dominix Navy Issue and Bhaalgorn due to their specializations.

Maybe reading isnt your strong point. I get it. Not everyone made it past the third grade and whatnot. But thats a failure on your part, not mine.


Uhh, yeah, not really envious of your ability to buy however many skill injectors and a rattlesnake.


Im just pointing out your failures, m8. This is the market discussion board, you are coming here asking for our isk. If you dont like the pressure, then leave. Were not the ones asking for something, you are.

Oh man, i almost missed responding to this part.

Actually, there is a right way. That is, if you want to do incursions this week, then the right way is to get a rokh with Tech 1 blasters and join the group.

And im pretty sure “Got the wrong missile skills for joining “Warp to me” incursions” is the wrong way to get into incursions.

@Solonius_Rex did you really link a wallet with 59b to show how you aren’t envious? :laughing: thats great

Its an alt account so its not even a third of my isk but i just did it to show that i dont need to be envious of a guy who owns or had enough to purchase whatever many skill injectors and a rattlesnake. I dont even understand what i have to be envious about.

Also, 59b wallet plus the 60 or so bill from the corp wallet. And yes, that is a tax shelter one man corp. :slight_smile: I know, 120 bill isnt much, but it certainly isnt small enough that id be envious of the original poster.

Full disclosure, this toon only has around 10 bill isk. Just enough to cover day to day activities.

Cody alt confirmed

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