Advice about SP investment

Hi there.

Currently I fly on Gila, but want to try something better for making isk from missions or anomalies in nullsecs (Seprentis).

I have about 6kk free sp and currently cannot decide how to spent them wisely.
I’m thinking about Rattlesnake, Tengu or Golem (will be quite tought but looks I can learn it and T2 cruise or torpedoes)

So may be somebody can help me with this? Which of this (or may be something else) would be the best investment?

Thanks you for your help

Either of those choices are great for missions. If you wanna do null anomalies, you can look up and see what ships most folks use (you might also want a ship that can cloak in null)

Which luckily anything missile based will work for all 3 ships, and whatever you dont spend your 6 mil sp on, you can train real time for.

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