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So im back after not having played since 2011. Alot has changed. When i left off, i was at 3.5mil sp. My best ship currently is a drake. I have 143mil isk. Im mostly heavy missile specd.
So i like doing solo content mostly PvE. Im looking to upgrade from the drake.
But im also looking for strong cheap alternatives for a nice missile ship. All ive ever known is Osprey and Drake. Ive already lost 1 drake and it was costly to replace. So i do want a nice good ship for when im feeling froggy, but also a cheaper ship for doing high sec anomalies. I sometimes run sec (lvl 2 currently) missions.
Currently my main focus is on making ISK, back when i played in 2011 i made most of my ISK writing RP bios. But it seems there isnt much of a market for those anymore. So i need some advice on steady ISK income with my drake (or any other ships advised herein).
Im not opposed to mining, i like the AFKish style of it. But i feel like i dont even remember how to mine. Go to asteroids mine rocks in big cargo container. Go get my herc and haul the ore. I forget how to process it, but id probably just sell anyway because i remember people liked processing themselves for whatever reason.
Anywho i really appreciate any helpful advice you folks could lend me! -Bizzy

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If you are wanting a step up from the drake, a raven or golem is your next level of missile ships.

Well, Worms, Jackdaws, and either the hawk or the harpy (I get them confused) are all supossed to be good “cheap” ships for highsec combat exploration sites. However, worms and jackdaws are more expensive than a drake, and the Jackdaw, hawk, and harpy are all omega only. So, those might not even be on the table for you.

If you’re omega, you might want to check out the hawk. It isn’t exactly cheap at 22-25 mil, but it is less than a drake. If you’re alpha, you might want to try a kitey corax. I’ve never used them myself (or have a lot of experience with any of the missile boats), but I know for a fact that you can clear Ded 3/10s with just the drone damage of a kitey tristan. So, it might not be the most effecient thing in the world, but you can probably make it work.

  • HS combat exploration isn’t a bad choice (especially right now, since competition is low).
  • You might also want to check out Abyssals. You can find tons of guides for different ships, and progression is rather straight forward.
  • Incursions are also good money right now, and a social activity if that matters to you. However, you’ll need to fly a battleship or a T2 logi cruiser. Moreover, they’ll probably want you to switch from a missile boat rather quickly (the money won’t be a problem, but it will require some cross training).
  • HS Mining incomes aren’t very good, and it’s even worse if you’re trying to AFK. Like, is it really worth it to afk for 18 hours, just to earn what you can make in an hour of running incursions? And that’s assuming you don’t get ganked.
  • HS missioning kind of sucks. You can make okay money by running missions that require you to kill empire faction ships, but that also wrecks your standing with them. And you can make good money by mission blitzing, but that requires a substantial investment in terms of isk and SP. I won’t say it’s a bad choice, but there are other options with either lower barriers to entry, easier progression paths, and/or higher income ceilings. So, I wouldn’t recommend at as a first choice.
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I haven’t run them in a while, but I would second the high sec anomaly combat sites with your Drake. Check the E-Uni wiki Combat Sites page (still a thing) to be sure, but it should be a good start till you find your footing again.

A t3 can be fit and refit. You can run up to level 4s in them and most high sec ratting sites. As you earn more isk you can even switch out for t2 rigs as you can afford them and sell the old rigs back to the market.

What worries me though is the low amount of SP. It speaks to having gotten into the drake without having gotten your core skills up and would explain loosing a drake I’m high sec combat sites.

Search the magic 14 on eve Uni wiki. Get your core skills in a good place and then look at getting into a bigger more expensive ship.

Also keep in mind, any afk-ish activity will lose you ships sooner or later. Try out mining in something small like a venture first before you commit to a mining toon. Mining sp are only good for mining.

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