Need a 88 Trillion Isk Loan!

Um, Nuff Said

Disclaimer: Upon Receiving the money, you will never get paid back ever .


o dude i wish i could ,
but im poor i have one bil left :frowning:
btw there is a contract for 2.5 bil for a revelarion in Captura de Tela 2020-11-15 às 23.44.44
lets go industrial people halp me
sry to use your topic lol :smiley:

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dude we have to build one, it would be historical.

i can be a trusted bank , if all donate to me i can buy one and manage it like ir belong to all the forum,
ill even make a council of the owners of the paladine keepstar presided by me, to guarantee that the business is legit AF and all receive the decided dividend , we can put the thing in perimeter and be the new super trade thing there

ps: not joking and we can do it . im a steve jobs type of guy and will recruit experts to do the thing, and will manage with iron fist


but someone would bring like 200 titans to siege it.

in hs? maybe :stuck_out_tongue:

Noob, Stop trying to scam my thread! All the money must be given to Victor Medvil!


You should remove the trillion from the title, you’d stand much more of a chance of
getting it.

Then just donate fat stacks of isk into Victor Medvil’s account, I only need the money I don’t need anything else.

i only have on bil left
and btw i don’t trust you … i like myself more
i wish you luck… rly

ps still want that revelation build it to me

This joke is several years late.

no one is joking here
we are serious man

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I certainly wasn’t.

Perimeter is a slum. The Pally belongs in Sarum Prime.


Isk sent. 88000000000000.00 in full.

Even if I could, people who use transparent UI will never get help from me.


Good Good, Let the Hate Flow Through You!


Forum post of the day… :smiley:

Can we at least be friends?

Just search Youtube for videos on making isk. You’ll have 88trillion isk in just a couple weeks on an Alpha account.