Are you a nobody? Loans for everybody!

Are you a nobody?

Am I a nobody?


Im a somebody!

I am John Somebody.

Here again after a successful round of isk-making, to offer even more loans!

Send me your ideas via eve-mail, and i shall send you the loan after we have come to an agreement.

Become a somebody!

Dont stay a nobody!

John somebody!

At your service!

Is this some kind of ideas farming thread?
So like “business angels” do in real life…scam

Smells like something that crawled out of Jita local and had a child with a collapsed EVE Bank scheme.


Im sure thats how loans work, friend!

No one lends out isk without knowing what youre using it for!

Well I mean if you have good profitable idea, but don’t have isk…
I wont share idea, because sometime I will get needed isk…and most of people also. But if some1 steal idea - reason to have isk>?

TBF, someone who’s been in an NPC corp since creation, with zero contract history, and not even losses tallied by Zkill, and this is your ONLY post with this character? Yea, you smell like you crawled out of Jita local. If I had to guess, you’d ask people to over-collateralize their “loans” by some large margin and once you had enough people trusting you with the collateral, you’d dump it to your main and biomass.

Hello, i’m a nobody. I need a loan of 50 billion uncollateralized, and i’m trusting you so you better not scam me. Send the isk to PI farmer1 and i’ll pay it back within 3 months :slight_smile:

Hello, friend!

As stated in my post, this is the second round of funding!

If you check the old forums, you will see i posted there for my first round!

Good luck on your ventures, sir!

Hello friend!

What is it that you would like the ISK for?

Building a sotiyo deep in the outskirts of outer ring to begin my supercap production. Send isk :smiley:

The best part about confidence building exercises is that they provide excellent opportunities to people that get in early and leave early.

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The same could be said of ponzi schemes…

This guy trying to apply to my corp btw. Should i let him in?

Only if he tithes 50% of his income :wink:

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