Requesting 672M ISK loan to activate OMEGA, 358M collateral


I am an old returning player, with max level 4 mission running skills. Currently I am an alpha clone, with 285plex in my vault. I need 215 more plex to activate my OMEGA clone which will cost me 672M isk. I also have a bag of loot and salvage back from 2015, worth 358M isk and I can offer it as my collateral. Once I activate OMEGA and start running missions, I should be able to make enough ISK to pay back the loan + interest within 20 days.


I can sell my 358M collateral and request a loan of only 314M isk instead of 672M, enough to buy me the needed plex to activate OMEGA. but the loan would be with no collateral in this case.

Here is a screenshot of my collateral and my plex vault. Thanks!

If you have no takers, you just have enough ISK to purchase a Skill Extractor I think. So do this:

  1. Sell stuff to raise ISK
  2. Buy Skill Extractor for about 350M ISK
  3. Extract 500 000 SP from a skill you can live without for a about month
  4. Sell Skill Injector for about 700M ISK
  5. Repeat 2-4 until you have ~1.5B ISK, or a little more if you need some extra ISK for ships or whatever.
  6. Buy 500 PLEX, activate Omega, and start re-training the skills you extracted if you want them back

If you are SP-rich, and ISK poor, Skill Extractors now offer a way to access that ‘capital’ and turn it into ISK.

More details can be found here:


With Praxis you should be able to get 700 milions in 7-10 days from L4 missions even with alpha skill set. No point to be hasty :wink:

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i have all skills trained for RNI and ready to fire. I am clueless about the praxis, does it share the same skill requirements as caldari RNI? or do i need to train for it on my alpha clone? I still believe the RNI is more powerful and can grind more ISK because my calculations show i can make 1.5bn in 18 days using RNI.

Praxis is like Gnosis - it is a boat, that gives you all bonuses like level 5 racial battleship. Not best bonuses but still you can launch missiles AND get good enough secondary DPS from your drones. Or primary, cause Praxis is a drone boat. So - almost twice the dps dished out. Rattlesnake for alphas. Unlike your beloved Raven Navy its bonuses are valid also for the T2 rapid heavy missile launcher and that is maximum what alpha can use for missions. Even with reload time it is better than T1 cruise missile launchers, IMHO.

no thanks i’ll pass. flying the RNI is a reason why I want to play EVE again. Appreciate if this thread does not get derailed any further.

anything i can improve in my offer to get the loan needed to buy the remaining 215 plex?

Alphas can fly t1 gun battleships. You probably could have made it by now doing your level 4s as an alpha

You can still fly the RNI even while being alpha.

this thread is starting to sound like those scam bots in Jita 4-4… hahahahaa, i hope he realized that it is a lot harder to scam the people who participate on this forum. Dude, the active MD here have a higher IQ than those in game… try harder next time

It sounded like that from the very beginning. :wink:

I agree.

However for it to be a scam its on one of the lowest possible levels, i mean in this day and age a scam for 300m+/- shows a significant lack of imagination. I mean If you scam for 300m publicly and burn a char doing it, for 300m, its not well thought through,

Indeed. Funnily enough I often scoop up loot that’s worth more with my thief alt in Jita flying a frigate. So really there are better ways to get that amount of ISK… even if you are lazy. :slight_smile:

Just an example:

There are always those few people, God bless them, who feel insecure about their IQ and keep looking for opportunities to prove to the public how they outsmarted the supposed scammer and caught him before anyone did…drowning in their endless and pitiful conspiracy theories. You have no idea how stupid you sound to those who know for a fact that I am not a scammer.

As one of you smartassess mentioned, I am not going to burn the reputation of my char just to scam another player for ~300m ISK. this is absolutely ridiculous. I simply wanted to activate my OMEGA account by buying 215 remaining plex. So So simple. you have no idea how stupid you sound with your smartass conspiracy theories.

Anyway, thank you very much to the “corporations” who sent me offers by email, appreciate your vote of confidence. I have already managed to activate my OMEGA account by realizing that CCP, at some point, converted our AURUM to plex, so I was pleasantly surprised to discover 1400 plex sitting in the vault of one of my inactive old alts. I contracted the plex to this account and boom I am omega now.

Only if you care about having your char participate in anything that requires trust.

if youre just using it for station trading, or as an ice-miner, or SP farm, then who cares if you burn it. It wont matter because you wont be using it for anything significant.

Yeah, no. The fact of the matter is, this forums is rife with scams, and they all take the same format as yours. It has nothing to do with Low IQ or Outsmarting others. Its about the fact that the majority of these low isk, non/insufficient collateral loan requests are just scams.

You have no idea how long weve been here, and just how many of these stupid scams weve seen so far.

K. Cause i have a dozen SP farming characters that i have no problem burning for even a mere 100 mill. And thats the point. Pointless, meaningless alts have no consequences when they are burned, because they only do pointless, meaningless tasks that dont require trust.

K. You realize how many people weve seen suddenly say “Its fine, i got my funding elsewhere” when he realized he wasnt getting any isk?

But thanks for insulting us.

You are very smart and wise and experienced and witty and know everything. Matter of fact is i did receive loan offers by email. The more u talk the more entertaining and toxic u sound. U r so intellectually broke you keep trying to forcefit the conspiracy theory that i am a scammer, because u are craving an intellectual victory to feel more secure about yourself.

You are so smart and wise and experienced and witty and shrewd you caught me while i was about to steal 350m isk you sherlock holmes you.

Most poisonous gaming community that has never changed since i joined in 2009. Main reason why i have always sticked to solo PVE to relax and destress after work. I know there r scammers everywhere but that doesnt mean i go accusing everybody asking for 215plex to complement his 285plex to activate omega to be a scammer without any evidence and just add stress and poison and defeat the whole purpose of me playing this game to unwind. TWO simple screenshots i can post now and show u how groundless ur claims are and how u r doing nothing but being needlessly toxic. 1. A scrnshot of my plex vault turning to zero after it was 285 above, 2. A screenshot of the contract i accepted from my alt receiving the 215plex which i discovered were leftovers from aurum conversion. 3. A screenshot of my new omega status which i activated this morning. I can do it right now and make u look so stupid with ur groundless accusations. I hate scammers and dont like to be called one. I don’t need this loan anymore as i said earlier yet u are still trying to be this super smart detective who is trying to prove to the world he has some brains. God this is the most annoying and toxic community i have ever dealt with online and it is always the same story again and again.

and here comes the long post… usually all scam ends up like this one.

The fact is mate, people coming here asking for stuff are a scammer until proven otherwise. If this were not the case all of eve would come through all day everyday taking isk from dumbies. No reputation, no collateral = assumed scammer until proven otherwise. Sorry, GL with your venture.

I never called you a scammer.

It doesnt matter how much it is. People will gladly scam for 100 million isk. 350 mill may be pennies for some, but its a decent amount for others.

Hahaha, right.

We are cautious. And that somehow makes us toxic.

You do understand that you are asking us for isk, right.

Were not asking you for isk. Youre asking us for isk. Youre asking us to trust you.

Do you know what scammers rely on? The charity and goodness of others.

Nice blowout.

Again, you are asking us for isk. You are asking us to trust you.

There is not evidence that you are a scammer. You are correct on that one. But guess what. There is no reason to trust you, either. And posting screenshots does nothing. I can make a thread today saying i need 300 plex to plex my account and buy 200 plex worth and show a screenshot. What does that prove? It proves nothing.

What you, and everyone else who cries like this, doesnt understand, is that Aa the end of the day, youre asking us for something. Were not asking you. The onus is up to you to provide proof that you are trustworthy. Not for us to provide proof that you are a scammer. The risk is on us, not you. You have no risk. Not in EVE.

And in lieu of ANY evidence, the safest thing to do is to assume youre a scammer and not give you any money.