(Caldari Citizen23) #1


(Lord Kalus) #2

I have 10 isk you can double for me.

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(Caldari Citizen23) #3


(Nep-Neps) #4

Hi, i’m also offering my first bond for 200 billion. I’ll give you 10% interest, so you get 5% interest for free every month. Send isk whenever

(Solonius Rex) #5

Looks like your first offering, ever.

(Caldari Citizen23) #6

First public offering. I’m holding 23b in private loans right now.

(Solonius Rex) #7

Yes, also known as a first offering, ever.

Private loans are like lepricons. Maybe they exist, maybe they dont, no one knows.

(Caldari Citizen23) #8


(Lord Kalus) #9

You should probably do that before even mentioning any business dealings involving them.

(Solonius Rex) #10

I fail to understand what this is supposed to prove.

(Caldari Citizen23) #11


(Tiddle Jr) #12

So u did pay 23 bils for both of contracts as a collateral?

(Caldari Citizen23) #13


(James Bond Offering) #14

I too am offering my first bond… james bond for 10 trillion isk. I am prepared to offer 150% interest over 1 year with no collateral and a 100 billion minimum buy in. I am a brand new character and this is my first post on the forums, but you know you can trust me because I have a super awesome name!

This is the scamming character. Accepting investment from now until EVE shuts down. :parrot:

(Solonius Rex) #15

One loan from an annonymous source(who might as well be your alt), and asking for 200 billion isk uncollateralized on your first post with zero history, are on different levels.

Trust has to be earned, or demonstrated. You have done neither.

(Caldari Citizen23) #16

I’m aware it’s a long shot. All it takes is one or two shrewd investors to fill this.

(Sepheir Sepheron) #17

I just imagine you waking up every morning with coffee in hand and those old fashioned pyjama hats, sitting down being like “hmmm I wonder what no collateral loans I’m going to call out today.”

(Tiddle Jr) #18

Collateral Loans Biatch Patrol.

(Caldari Citizen23) #19


(Solonius Rex) #20

Sure. All it takes with someone with a trillion isk to fill my trillion isk bond. Someone with a hundred trillion isk to fill my hundred trillion isk bond. There is no limit.