130bil Loan

Looking for a loan of about 130bil. Have collateral. Low interest rate please.

What’s the collateral.

Ships and Mods. Can evemail you an evepraisal link if you are interested.


mail sent

I’d be happy to make you an offer as well if you send me an Evepraisal link.

mail sent


send me an evepraisal as well and i’ll make you an offer if it’s satisfactory.

Send me an mail with details also.

If I may ask, why is it that the ships just don’t get sold for that needed ISK?

Because it’s a loan, and the collateral may not necessarily be just ships, mods can be very blingy.

But why don’t they just then sell the ship/mod? Then poof, ISK

Because they might want to use the ships in the long run - after the loan has been repaid.

Selling and buying again might incur a quite significant loss, especially for rare stuff like unique ships or officer mods which tends to have huge spreads or even no market at all.


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Ahh, alright. Then that all makes sense. Thank you all!

send me an evepraisal and i can do a small amount.

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