Loans/Trade Discord - Collateralised loans available!

Funding your dreams since 2019 - Have that dream supercap or purple you want to buy, but lack isk? Simply take out a loan with our bankers at the best rates in New Eden! Also gain access to a trade channel while at it!

Over 300b in loans given out - many satisfied customers :slight_smile:

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Ledan Financial Services - ready to help fund your first faction supercapital!

Cool. Im gonna need like 100 billion for my first faction super. My wallet is open any time for a transfer of ISK. Thanks!

bump for visibility - don’t let your dreames be memes!

I just asked for 100 billion. Havent seen my wallet blink yet.

collateralised loans.

Show some collateral or stop shitting up my thread. =)

loans always available - let us help you fund your next blingmobile!

Let Ledan Financial Services help get you into your next dream ship!

120b loaned out to satisfied customers atm. be the next to get your dream ship today!

still looking for stuff to invest in. let me help you get your molok today!

to the top. many satisfied customers since 2019!

another 10b loaned out, 150b outstanding atm. make all your isk problems go away with Ledan Financial Services!

Whats the monthly interest and how do you value collateral? can you outline terms? Thanks

Interest varies depending on quality of collateral and size of loan. Assume 5% per month for a start. Collateral valued using evepraisal but expect me to decline skins and other such illiquid items.

Still isk available for loans

to the top, need stuff to invest in

This is an offer of service not a market discussion. ISD please move thread to services tab.


thank you for the free bump

bump for visibility

back up we go

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