Ledan Financial Services - Collateralised Loans Available!

Loans up to hundreds of billions available at 5-10% interest rate per month.
Collateral is required.

Join my discord or send me a discord PM for more info.

Let LFS help you into your purple revenant today! Over 200b currently loaned out and still increasing!

to the top!

lots of isk available!

I would like a hundred billion loan. Thank you.

to the top - 400b loaned out and counting!

I have not received my hundred billion.

thanks for the free bump - if ur serious head over to my discord and put up some collateral

A). This is market discussions. Discussions are at a crawl and bumps are meaningless, nor are there any limits either. You mistake this with the Sales Ad section of the forums.

B). This is false advertising, I was promised a loan.

Too bad the last two brain cells you have cannot be used as collateral. Stay poor.

I cant believe your most replied to is still Banks Mcbanks. How sad is that.

Little over one trillion isk now. I guess i am pretty poor.

Who tf is banks mcbanks? Another no name like solonius?

You tell me. Youve replied to him the most times out of all your interactions with anyone on this forums.

Says the brain dead N+1 skill farmer & IS boxer, Zahara Cody personifies this decade of EVE, brain dead.

to the top!

loans still available - get yours today!

up we go

Fun fact about the forums. Assuming one of your posts is still the most recent, if you just edit that post, it will bump it to the top and mark it as unread for everyone. Saves you from getting a post with 1000000000 comments of “bump”.

I personally can’t be bothered to scroll through a post like that and just don’t bother learning about the service. But now since I’m the most recent post, you will have to comment under me to have a post to edit

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to the mooooon

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