1B collateralized loan

I have collateral worth 1B - 1.3B as per evepraisal. I have already sent 900M+ to ENorn and waiting for her acceptance. Will send another 400M or so to her shortly.

I have offer for 1B @ 2% per month for 1-3 months on Eve-Mogul Discord server but I am putting it here for wider audience and historical record.

MirageDeen Munshi

I’ve talked to Mirage on the Eve-mogul Discord. I’ll be filling this loan once ENorn confirms holding of the full value of the collateral.

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I have entered into an agreement to provide a 1 billion un-collateralized loan agreement for a 5%, fixed, 3 month limit. Interest is hard capped at 3 months with no late fee.

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Received 1B from @John_Selth with thanks and gratitude at the aforementioned terms.

Full collateral submitted and accepted by Norn. She will confirm shortly here or on Discord.

Confirming I’m holding collateral worth at least 1b ISK. Fazzy Star, feel free to transfer the ISK to MirageDeen Munshi.

so to be clear you now have 2 1b loans? 1 is collateralized for 2% and one is uncollateralized for 5%


Thank you for facilitating this

ISK sent, thanks

Received with thanks

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