6bill fully Collateral 2.5% for 1 month loan

Found a great opportunity to double if not triple my money in the market! should easily be able to pay you back in a month if not a week.

Need any more information or question, let me know here.

Who will hold the collateral ? If you are ok with norn and he appraises it at 6b. I’ll fill this

That works for me! I just need to know how to let her know.

@Elizabeth_Norn ^

If I consider the collateral acceptable, I am willing to do it with me holding the collateral directly.

(Please be aware that this exposes you to the risk of lender default - i.e. me dishonoring the loan and using this as a method of purchasing the collateral for the 6b - if this is an issue for you then please inform me and I will retract the offer)

This is fine with me, just wondering if https://forums.eveonline.com/u/Brock_Khans feels the same

Sabriz is saying they will loan you the isk, but Sabriz will hold the collateral. So it will just be you and them.

My option is to use Norn as a 3rd party to hold the collateral and I loan you the isk. I will not be using Sabriz as a 3rd party (And I don’t think thats what they are implying)
Contact Elizabeth Norn in game via his channel or evemail, and the can get you setup pretty quick.

So choose what you want to do.

O i see. well it doesn’t matter to me. Im i have to go to work for the next 9 hours or so. but whoever wants to give me the loan, or if norm come on, they can email me in game and we can figure it out. I was having a hard time finding norm in game.

meh make me work for it…nahhhhhh, have fun sabriz

Our only interaction. My reply was a bit slow that day because I didn’t have cell reception, but I normally reply to mails pretty quickly.

I do apologize for making this harder than it needs to be. I’m new to all this. Norm I forgot I messaged you before in game. Maybe we can still make this work because I don’t work tomorrow. Sorry for the confusion. I plan on getting things set up tonight

As far as dealing with him, I had no issue with holding the collateral while I loaned him up to 2 bil in isk. I held half the amount of the loan in collateral, and within a few weeks, instead of 5 months, I had my full 2 bil plus interest that I loaned him, and he got his collateral back.

Just wanted to put my 2 cents in.

Contract me the collateral for the 6bil and ill fill this.

Ok I am going to be sending you the contract on an alt character. Mcdonald’s Seller

you’re a bit low on Collateral, i can offer a 5.5b loan against this?

Sent the contract to Norm. Jsut waiting to here back

This was indeed what I was offering. However I need to withdraw my offer as I’ve invested my liquid funds buying a couple of firesale blueprints and a few hundred vexor navy issues, so I don’t have 6b liquid to loan at present.

Just to give you some peace of mind… I offered to hold half bil in collateral while giving him a 1 bil loan. It was then upped to 1 bil in collateral and 2 bil loan. within a few weeks I had my isk back, and he had his stuff back.

I think I’m going to pass on this. The constant reassuring of geo, the somewhat easy issue of contacting people that is proving difficult.

Not sure why geo has to keep posting the same thing over and over.

Probably his alt.