Want to borrow

Hey all,

I’d like to borrow against 1.3 billion in manufacturing material assets. Can we do 2.4 billion loan?

Send me an offer.


what’s the collateral?


1.3 billion

Is there any particular attachment you have to these items that you could not just sell them to get the ISK you need?


While waiting for items to sell, instead I trade to borrow isk to buy, so that after I pay back the loan, get the items back. By this time, prices will have risen to expand my profits.

Wait. You give me a collateral of 1.3 billion and I should borrow you 2.4?

That’s right.

Almost 100% profit instantly. Now THAT’S a businessman :wink:

Oh cool, so you’re selling 1.3 bill isk worth of stuff for 2.4 billion isk? Why didn’t I think of that!

Hmm. Well, what does the savvy lender want in this deal? I would trade 1.3 for 1.3 cash, if I had assurances that my assets be returned.


So when you give up 1.3 bill in items for 1.3 bill in isk, you need assurances that the assets will be returned.

But when you offer 1.3 bill in items for 2.4 bill in isk, the person who lends you the 2.4 bill will get no assurances that his Isk will be returned.

That sounds great.

Can I ask, everything in EVE online is replacable and purchasable in the market. So what reason would you have to have any sort of attachment to these items?

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I believe I can sell them for a higher price.

1.35 is not the buy price, thats the sell price. Even if you are a bot, you would have to undercut in order to sell it, or sit on it for months on end.

But either way, your “Belief” is irrelevant. Just because I believe I can sell a single unit of Tritanium for a billion isk, doesnt mean i can value it at a billion and use it as collateral.

Only the current price of the market, matters.

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Right, so heI would like to lever some of that for isk, on the condition of the return of the assets .


But you have to remember, the buy price is the price that is most realistic, and not the sell price. So, at best, you can get a loan for the sell price.

I think what you need is a third party if you’re so skeptical. Typically, collateral covers 100-110% of the loan, so you would probably recieve at most 1-1.1b in loans. If you think that the lender might run off with the isk, you can always use a third party like enorn or chribba

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