The loan is obtained

I have an assets and their value are about 300b I didn’t use eve praisal to check how much isks my assets worth exactly yet but it will be discussed in a game , of course .Why I want to take loan? I want to try my skills in jita trading also I want to look how many profit will turn out in a month

Only items : + vendetta + erebus + nyx*2 + revelation = 306.85b I have considered violet lines correctly

Are you planning on surrendering those assets to a 3rd party to hold as collateral, if so which one ?

you will contract my items back to me instantly.nah 3rd party

What will the collateral be?


I mean the specific items, in times like this that is very important.

Vendetta with fit 125-135 ,Erebus 95-100 ,Nyx 35 ,Nyx 35 ,Revelation 3.5. Maila Keepstar.

This is probably where you would want a third party like Chribba. I don’t think many people will want to give basically market price for expensive supercapitals because the cost of selling them in the case of a default would negate any potential profit from the investment. On the other hand, you wouldn’t want to value them too far below market price if they’re being held by someone who you don’t trust to not sell them.

I am not asking for 6-8 months, only 3-4 weeks.No,you will just contract items back wih interest to me and I will accept contract. I want to try my skills in trading and I will buyback them after 3-4 weeks. Vendetta - 105b Erebus -70b Nyx 19b Revelation 1.45b

on the other hand after patch it will be harder to mine resource and price on these ships will raise

And fit you can easily sell in jita.No officers

Trade in jita after the patch then.

Yep,I will,just an initial capital is necessary

As valuable as those items may be, from what I understand you are going to give those items to the person who loans you isk, and then that person is expected to contract them back to you once you are done trading?

Whats to stop you from just walking away with the liquid isk. Yes your items are valuable but selling them will take time.

Or am I misunderstanding and you want to use a 3rd party to hold the items.

You’re right. When I will be ready to buyback my items I will mail you and you will send contract back to me + %%%. I don’t think so.Only problem will be vendetta but maybe 1-2 weeks and you will sell vendetta through forum. Price is stable 105b ( my vendetta with rigs) + IGC Victory skin ( 3.2b in Jita) ~107-110b. No officer module

Skins are account specific and not tied to a ship pretty sure, so that cannot be apart of your evaluation.

Ah,yep… then just rigs. all ships are rigged.Anyway I can say value only through eve-praisal.

where are the ships located?

Maila public keepstar

Check evepraisal for items + vendetta + erebus + nyx*2 + revelation = 306.85b I have considered violet lines correctly