Private loan

4bill isk going to andrew flintoff.
Period of 1 month, will pay back 4,4 bill isk as agreed in person.

No colleteral


Smells rep-grindy in here :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hey wanna “agree” to lend me 100 billion isk? Ill “agree” to lend you 50 bill too.

Yeah no worries dude sounds above board. Lets be really public about it too so we can refer back here when we need to “borrow” real ISK tho yeah?

Yeah, sounds good. Cause i cant think of a single reason to make a private loan into a public post, other than rep grinding. But then agian me brain not work right me dumb dumb head so there surely must be another good reason to make this public.

I can do up to 100 trillion isk. Period 1 month. Pay back 101 trillion. Agreed in person, cause youre my neighbor and we met up on my front lawn a day ago. No collateral.

Nah, he just wanted to have a backup in case money doesn’t get delivered.
I Thought ccp could get suspicious for lending isk to random person…

Only goal of this post tbh

…Whats the backup, exactly?

Im not aware of anything the lender can do to get back his money. You could simply vanish and dissapear. Whats the Lender gonna do? Call the space-police? Send a petition to CCP? Cry about it on the forums? All of these can be done without posting this topic.

I move my isk around all the time, in far larger quantities than 4 billion. A lot of people do.

Again, only goal of this post TBH seems to be for rep grinding.

All this rep grinding. I need a good place to grind my axe.

Why not join us in rep grinding yourself? Ill gladly lend you 100 trillion, if you lend me 80 billion.

You’re welcome to go first

I already did.

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