The Anathema's Shares

Interest rate: 3% to be paid at the end of each month.
Cash out: with notification from either party with a notice of a month.


What’s the collateral?

None as usual.

Okey doke, I’ll leave this to your usual investors. Best of luck with your venture.

troll lol lol

50b at 3%

200 bill at 1%!

Sounds completely legit. Brilliant, really. Have other people compete for the chance to give you more isk!


I did have a loan not long ago for 386 billions. But ya know, what would MD be without the trolls.

Well, i mean its kinda insulting and a bit arrogant to offer other people to bid to give you isk.

You must be fun at parties. Also, business is business. You’re not the moral police and putting up an auction is neither arrogant or insulting. What I am going to write now, however, will be arrogant and insulting so brace yourself.

I need about 200 billions but if I posted a request for a loan at 3%, it is quite likely that more people would be interested than I am able to accept. So it would end up being a first come first serve thing, which is fine, but not necessarily the best way to do it.

An auction makes it fairer, because some people, unlike you, have a life outside the game and don’t check the forums at every time of day. And thus, they get a chance to invest if they are ready to accept a slightly lower interest rate. I also get the opportunity to raise a smaller amount of capital than I did last time, but may end up saving some money on the interest. I think it’s a fair deal. But what do you know, your value on those forums is limited to just fill the screen with pixels so that people can buy a new mouse sooner when their scroll wheel dies. A true win for hardware companies.

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It’s actually a better way to do things when you expect a lot of investor interest. If you choose an interest rate to advertise you can screw yourself out of a lot of ISK on big deals.

50b @ 3%

200 bil at 2.99%

Just to be clear I wasn’t trolling, I simply inquired about collateral.

Oh yeah we’re good. I appreciate your interest :slight_smile:

Alright, only looking for offers at 2.5% or below from now on.

190b loan issued @ 3%/mo. Starts 1st of November, first interest payment at the end of the month of November.
@PI_farmer1 please send your investment to Fannie Anathema by the end of the month. All other investors have been contacted privately :slight_smile:

80b sent

50b sent

Interests paid