Speculative Market Fund [Closed and Repaid]

Hey folks!

----- EDIT 28 Sept 2017 -----

I am starting to liquidate everything in the fund and repaying people as they request it. Anyone willing to be paid out at the current share price may request their money back, anyone else willing to still invest with me will have their shares converted into a 2.5% fixed rate uncollaterallized loan.

I am also taking reservations for additional, fixed-rate, uncollateralized investments.


I’m back with a new fund! Last fund collected 150 billions from a wide variety of investors, and I was really happy I could make it work, but unfortunately only so long. Trading 250 billions of capital in Jita took me about 20 to 30 hours a week, so while the returns were good, I almost got carpal tunnel out of that.

So I’m now back with another offering, which will take less of my time, but should still offer good returns. Private investors who worked with me before or offer significant amounts are always contacted first when new opportunities arise. Any remaining shares after this will be offered publicly on the forums.

----- The Fine Print -----

  1. This fund will have an initial size of 100 shares, worth 1 billion ISK each at the start. The duration is undetermined, although the first speculative ventures should be liquidated during next winter, thus allowing anyone to withdraw from the venture with their ISK and profits. If I feel like there are more opportunities ahead, I may be continuing the fund further.

  2. Share value will be re-evaluated whenever I change the fund’s underlying assets. Inestors will be allowed to buy and sell shares at that point. The amount of shares available may also be expanded or restrained at that point.

  3. Generally speaking, I am willing to accomodate some people having to pull out some ISK out of the operation, but given this is a stockpile with a target date in mind, I cannot guarantee that any ISK will be available before the winter of 2017-2018.

  4. Investor relationships will be conducted primarily through Discord. I am also available by EvE Mail but I am also likely slower to respond there.

  5. I reserve the right to take out other uncollateralized loans, or to handle other people’s ISK and assets while this fund is running. I currently hold an additional 20 billions without collateral from a private investor.

  6. I am currently working on a hit-by-a-bus contingency plan. I am reaching out to trustees as we speak and said plan should be in place by the end of the month to cover this fund.

  7. Your capital is at risk, most notably if the markets that are being invested in go downwards as a whole.

  8. Pandemic Legion / WAFFLES. have my full APIs, in case that were to cause any conflict of interest.

  9. All ISK should be sent to Anathema Holdings LTD. [AHLTD] after confirmation from my part.

----- History -----

2017-06-22 -- 1000m -- 100 shares
2017-06-28 -- 1021m -- 120 shares (+20)
2017-07-01 -- 1021m -- 200 shares (+80)
2017-07-13 -- 1050m -- 200 shares
2017-07-16 -- 1063m -- 200 shares
2017-07-19 -- 1063m -- 400 shares (+200)
2017-09-13 -- 1081m -- closed to new investments

----- Investor List -----

Fully liquidated. Past investors are:

50 -- Lokitoki81
50 -- Jushin Dragon
25 -- Anonymous
20 -- Batuka
15 -- Obsidian Blacke
10 -- Cor'El Dahken
10 -- Mike Hazard
10 -- Destron Aurilen
10 -- Alachia Bloodrose
5 -- March Rabbit
4 -- Raido Kudonen
4 -- Gavrillo Ferdinand
3 -- Alex Whitston
3 -- Nuke Michael
2 -- Katin
2 -- Corporal Punishment08
1 -- Tal lon Karrde
1 -- Alex Calden

----- Previous funds -----


So I missed the bit where it shows that you paid back the 150 bn.

Oh, seems like I did forget to update the forums on that. But it’s been paid back. I’ve now updated the original thread. Most investors for this fund also were investors in my previous fund.

Shares valued at 1021 millions after a first good speculative venture, and 20 shares added to support expansion as I have been able to purchase things faster than initially expected.

Expanded to 200 shares, as there are still opportunities for me to fill. All of the ISK in the fund has been invested, and at this point the additional 22 shares left would allow to finish up a second speculative venture for which I have a few items left to acquire.

The fund is currently covering two opportunities. I have disclosed the contents of the first one to existing investors, and while I could get more ISK into it, I would rather it not get much bigger as it already makes up for most of the fund. The second opportunity is already in a good spot, and the last 22 shares will allow me to make a more comphrehensive stock to span more different items that I think will be affected by patches soon. The contents will be disclosed to investors once I have finished purchasing them.

I am looking at finishing up my hit-by-a-bus plan and getting an audit done shortly. If a trusted third party would like in on the audit, I would love to start a conversation with them.

Things are going well and assets are appreciating slowly but surely. Currently valuating shares at a round 1050m, likely to expand some more by the end of this week if another opportunity survives to my scrutiny.

Shares are now worth 1063 millions! Added 200 new shares to get into new opportunities.

are there still 175 remaining to be purchased and if so how much? Ill take them if there are


I’m looking to invest about ~5b isk, any opportunities here? I was directed here by a friend.

Status of this offering?

I guess scam succeeded…

Hello folks,

Sorry for the lack of update on this thread - I didn’t look at it for a bit as I have all of my investor relations done through Discord.

I am without fixed broadband internet for two weeks (moved countries) so I cannot accept ISK at this point. I will also update share pricing information by the time I get active again, and after that’s done, I will accept new investments.


Can you elaborate a little? As far as i know there is separate Discord servers?

I have my own channel in a discord server where everything related to the fund can be talked about. You may PM me your discord ID for an invitation.

Edited OP.

It’s been a great opportunity, sadly ran into a lot of CCP shenanigans. I’m honoured to have gathered so much support from investors from many places.

I want to give a shout out to Fannie Anathema. This was my first investment ever. I don’t have a lot of time to play so it took me a very long time to build up my funds to the point where I was able to invest a measly two shares.

Anathema was upfront with me throughout. He always answered my questions and, from what I could tell, everyone else’s questions (correct me if I’m wrong).

I was just repaid my two shares. By my calculations, I got a 5.8% return on my investment, with 1.9%/month. Not the greatest return, but like he said, there were some shenanigans (I lost some isk on some plex I bought on the side).

I don’t think he needs the cheers from me, because it seems like he already has support in the MD community, but I would definitely invest with him again.

Thanks again Anathema

Thanks for the kind words!

Now that everything is closed, I can disclose that I did buy a fair bit of MPTC with the fund money, and unfortunately sales after sales kept the price down. Another part of the fund (meta weapons) never really got anywhere, despite CCP announcing the tiericide of meta weapons. The only part of the fund that did really well was PI, but that was too little too late as the ISK was stuck with MPTC when they were ripe for purchase.

Fund closed, investors repaid. It was a pleasure working with you, and while I had big hopes for this one, not everything went right. But it’s the risks of the trade.

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You removed your investor list for this fund from your main post. I’d suggest leaving it as it was with a list of the investors and how many shares they purchased (with a notation that they’ve been repaid ofc). That way, when you’re running future funds, people will be able to contact those investors for verification if they so choose. :slight_smile:


received interest payments and reinvested in next fund