5b uncollateralised at 5% monthly

Amount: 5b

Interest: 5% Monthly

Duration: 1 month, open to extension subject to both party agreement

Purpose: To expand trading activities

Cash out: At the end of the agreed term

Start date: Monday 16th April 2018

Shareholder List:

@Brock_Khans (5b) (ISK returned with interest)

You can contact me on Discord Fazzy#6116

I will update this thread as necessary.

I agree to these terms. I’ll be sending the isk in the next 36 hours

Isk has been sent. See you in 30 days

ISK received. See you in 30 days :smiley:

I have returned the initial isk (5b) + the interest (250m) to Brock Khans

Confirmed received, pleasure doing business with you.

That seemed a strange punt to take.

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