26.7M Perfect Scanner / Explo / Caldari Covops / Science / Production

(Sianon Liu) #1


Located in Jita Trade Hub

Positive wallet and Sec Status

2 Remaps available
1.2m SP available for allocation (26,739,392 total SP)

edited SP to be more accurate as indicated below

Uncollateralized Loans 150b 5% 1-2months :man_office_worker:
(Captainamazing) #2

22b offer , can you login?

(Captainamazing) #3

it is 26,739,392 sp not 28m sp

Unallocated SP is in Skill Points

(Sianon Liu) #4

Oooh apologies. I will edit description. I was not aware and thanks for letting me know.

I’m confident I could get 24-25b for the character if I hold out a bit. I’d take 25b immediately if you were willing.

(Captainamazing) #5

23b if ok , can do now

(Sianon Liu) #6

Agreement reached. Selling to captainamazing pending payment & account info

(Captainamazing) #7

24b send
acc send
wait trans

(Sianon Liu) #8

Transaction processed for transfer to provided account name.

(Captainamazing) #9

thanks . o/

(system) #10

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