SOLD WTS 17.5M SP Incursion Nightmare Pilot

(Ms Cranberry) #1

WTS This character with good skills to fly a Nightmare. I’ve used him to fly Incursions with TVP.

Located in high sec (Amarr), no kill right, and I’ll pay the transfer fee.

Starting Bid: 15b

Uncollateralized Loans 150b 5% 1-2months :man_office_worker:
(Absolute Truth) #2

14b offered

(Ms Cranberry) #3

Daily Bump!

(Ms Cranberry) #4

Back to the top. This toon is still for sale, let’s goooo!

(Captainamazing) #5

14.5b bo

(Ms Cranberry) #6

Accepting the 14.5B offer from Captainamazing.

(Ms Cranberry) #7

ISK received. Character transfer initiated. Thank you.

(system) #8

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