15B loan 2,5% 3 Months with collateral


i am looking for up to 15B as a loan to cover a new project.
As collateral i can offer some of my items in jita http://evepraisal.com/a/jr1r1
If Skins are to risky as collateral i can provide some other assets.

I would like the have the loan for 3 Months for now.

Go on then, ill fill this, what’s the worst that can happen?

contract to me

Is it okay if i reduce the collateral buy the 3 Avatar skins so Jita buy reflects the actual loan?
Jita sell will be over it.

Not really no, the skins themselves are risky (as you point out) and I feel that the over collateral offsets this.

Alright full collateral will go up. You did enough loans to look legit.

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Contract accepted, see you in a month :slight_smile:

You want your first Intrest payment monthly or lumpsum at the end of the loan duration?

Monthly please

Intrest sent. Sorry for the small delay


Interest payment is overdue.

Had realife issues sorry its paid now.

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Received, Thank you

Contract it at the loanamount + 1 monthy intrest payment to me pls.

Contract is up. Thank you for your business

And accepted. Thank you for doing business.

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