10B fully coll. loan @ 2-4mon

I will take 10Bil loan for 2 months with possible extension for additional 1-2 months.
Collateral will be held by respected 3rd party or contracted directly if you have respectable previous history in loan business (send/post links to previous deals if you do)

Make your offer for interest.

Edit: I can also overcollaterize it with reasonable amount for added security and collateral is simple to liquidate if needed.

Interest offered?

ill fill this, im happy to hold collat as have done in past. ill do it for 2.5%

I will match noobs, however willing to use 3rd party if munba prefers. Noobs was first though :stuck_out_tongue:

i’ll be up for 2% per month, would like if you can clarify the loan term (duration) though.

I will pay back loan after 2 months earliest and 4 months latest, which depends how fast my business goes.

I have had hard time getting hold of Chribba. Only active 3rd party seems to be Elizabeth Norn, threads are here:

Old forum:

Would Elizabeth Norn be acceptable?


enorn has a 500b uncollateralised bond ongoing, so that’s a no from me, will have to be chribba.

Ok Ledan, I will contract my collateral directly to you. Collateral which I disclose to you privately, has stable value and is located in Jita.

But to avoid motivation for you to do break the deal I will make contract 108% (100% + 4 months of interest) of loan value with current Jita buy prices. Loan amount would not be exactly 10Bil but precise value close to it so that collateral covers it by 108%

I will pay interest monthly and I return full amount at the end of period of minimum 2 or maximum 4 months.

Do you agree to such terms?


Collateral and terms (2% interest per month for between 2-4 months) are acceptable to me.

I’d just like to note that Munba is overcollateralising this, 10b loan with approx 10.4b collateral.

Will be ready to accept contract when you make it :slight_smile:

Contract is up for Iedan
for 10b loan and 10.4b as collateral considering current Jita buy order prices and sales tax.

So it’ll be 200m every month for between 2-4months, after which principal of 10b will be repaid

So payments will look like:

End of 1 month: 200m
End of 2 months: 200m
End of 3 months: 200m + 10b


Contract accepted, all the best with your venture :slight_smile:

200mil interest for first month has been paid out to Iedan

confirming receipt of interest for 1st month.

200mil interest for second month has been paid out to Iedan

as market situation allows me to continue earning on that capital, I would continue loan contract for now for one or two more months as agreed.

Iedan, if there would be need for you to get that capital back sooner, I can release it and pay it back before contract end, if you give me 1-2 weeks notice.

I have no issue with you holding on to it indefinitely, actually. Just let me know when you want to exchange it back for the collateral :slight_smile:

Also +1 for early payment of monthly interest in both Jan and Feb.

Ok Iedan, lets keep it going then.

200mil interest for third month has been paid out to Iedan

Iedan had sudden need of funds himself so he asked to end conract on short notice. I was able to release funds for return of full amount in few days.

Contract for exchange of collateral and return of full loan amount and 3 days worth of additional interes (10,02 Bil) is up for Iedan!

I am glad doing business with you, Iedan!
Good luck with your venture.


Confirming that this loan is successfully completed. Once again Munba, apologies for having to recall the loan early.

Worth noting that collateral was worth low 8b (compared to principal of 10b) at the conclusion of the loan.

Definitely +1 as he made an effort to liquidate to repay quickly when requested, and even paid me a few days interest which I said wasn’t necessary.

Was a pleasure to do business with you, hope to do again soon!

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