[Loan] 300b @ 2%, 1-2 month duration, collateralized


Amount requested: 300b
Interest: 2%/month
Duration: 1 month, with option for second
Collateral: Will consist of faction supers/regular supers/easily liquidated, valuable assets. Collateral will be held by Chribba/ENorn. If supers/titans are used as collateral, will place 350b in escrow to account for any issues with liquidating supers.

Extremely likely that this loan will be repaid within a matter of weeks, but would like the option of 1-2 months to allow some flexibility.


Ill do 250 or 275 depending who offers whats remaining once collateral confirmed by 3rd party

Second passenger on board, with 25b entry deposit.

@Lord_Hook @Tiddle_Jr will update after collateral has been confirmed by ENorn.

Cancelling this as opportunity has passed. Appreciate interest @Lord_Hook @Tiddle_Jr . Plesae close mods.

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