Want to borrow 20b, collateralized, 30 days, 2.2%

Title says it all.

Collateral will be 280 Vexor Navy Issue hulls located in Jita 4-4. Alternate collateral can be offered instead if required.

I can cover this for you if you like.

29.99 days and it’s a deal

I’ll see if I can find you online now. EVEmail will come from my trade alt iPod Blues.

I can’t find you online Xylem. I’ll contract the collateral directly to you as I need to go to bed. If you accept great, if you have changed your mind, please reject the contract within the next 36 hours and I will reopen this to other lenders.

It will come from my primary trade character, iPod Blues.

got it, sorry was out

Thanks, confirming that this loan is now filled. Full repayment of 20.44b due on or before 2230 my time (AEST) on 06-Jun-2019.

Hi Xylem, I anticipate being able to repay this loan in full within the next 96 hours.

At a time of your convenience, could you please private contract the collateral to me for the sum of 20b principal plus 440m for the interest on one month (20 440 000 000 total)?

Either of my public characters (iPod Blues or Sabriz Adoudel) will be fine.

Contract is up on a 7 day just incase takes longer than 96 hours, any issues let me know :slight_smile:

Thanks for the loan, now repaid.

confirmed, thank you very much :slight_smile:

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