Public record of private loan

@John_Galt is borrowing 8b for 1 month @ 2.5% interest. 8.2b will be repaid in full one calendar month from acceptance of the contract.

@Elizabeth_Norn - Would you be so kind as to do the honors on this?

I will send 8b to Elizabeth on their confirmation they’re happy to officiate.

Looks good, will be using
Myrmidon Blueprint
Capital Ship Maintenance Bay Blueprint
Capital Shield Emitter Blueprint Capital
Power Generator Blueprint
Capital Drone Bay Blueprint
Capital Computer System Blueprint
Capital Capacitor Battery Blueprint

8/14 research or better as collateral, NPC price of 8.2b

Sure thing. @John_Galt could you contract the collateral to me for 8b, and @DelBoy_Trades send me the ISK.

Many thanks @Elizabeth_Norn , isk sent.

Best of luck with your venture @John_Galt

Repayment date: 26th November 2018

Interest sent and will pick up my collateral this evening, thank you for your business.

Interest recieved with thanks. Just awaiting principle return from EN now.

Thanks both.

collateral returned pleasure doing business, hope to do it again soon.

Principle recieved. Thanks again.

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