50B @ 2% for 6 Months. Collateralized

(Cor'El Dahken) #1

Collateral will be held by @Elizabeth_Norn

Looking to borrow 50b offering 2% per month.
6 Months in length or sooner, depending on markets.

Investors List
Xylem Viliana - 30B

Paid out
alex - 10B
Xylem Viliana - 10B
Interest will be paid on/close to 25th of each month.

(Xylem Viliana) #2

I can fill the other 40b once Norn confirms and the funds are moved to the correct account, should be within 24 hours if thats ok?

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(Elizabeth Norn) #3

I’m holding @Cor_El_Dahken’s collateral worth at least 50b ISK. I’ve passed on @Xylem_Viliana’s investment to Cor’El, and alex can send the ISK directly to Cor’El.

(Cor'El Dahken) #4

Interest paid.

(Xylem Viliana) #5

:+1: :nyanparrot:

(Cor'El Dahken) #6

Alex paid out and collateral returned.
Xylem interest paid, sorry for being a few days late.

(Xylem Viliana) #7

confirmed receipt thank you

(Cor'El Dahken) #8

10b principal returned and February interest paid.

(Xylem Viliana) #9

confirmed, thank you

(Cor'El Dahken) #10

Interest Paid

(Xylem Viliana) #11

woot :slight_smile:

(Cor'El Dahken) #12

Interest payment transferred

(Xylem Viliana) #13

pretty sure its paid i just cant be assed logging in. next time i do ill edit this with a 100% confirmation in the mean time, cor’El has no reason not to so i trust that :slight_smile:

(Cor'El Dahken) #14

30B + final interest payment sent to @Elizabeth_Norn for the conclusion of this loan.
Thanks, @Xylem_Viliana hope to do business again sometime.

(Xylem Viliana) #15

confirming 30b recieved from norn but not the interest : 2019.05.27 00:53:33 Player Donation 30,000,000,000 ISK (omitted) ISK [r] Elizabeth Norn deposited cash into Xylem Viliana’s account

(Elizabeth Norn) #16

Sorry about that. I’ve just sent it.

(Xylem Viliana) #17

confirmed, and no worries happens pretty easily :slight_smile: