100-250b Bond @ 1% with full collateral or 2% without 1-6 Months

Ive run low of fluid isk of late and have a shed load of assets im not quite prepared to sell so looking to have a little liquid isk in the wallet for future ventures.

Collateral will be in the form of AT ships and or Capital BPO’s

Happy to use Chribba as third party however hes been a little tricky to get hold of lately. E-norm equally acceptable however i haven’t made contact yet to arrange.

I’d be willing to fill approximately 50 B (fully collateralized) at 3% interest rate. Kindly let me know if you are interested.

I’ll take 50b @ 1% full colat if Chribba.

No problem, Ill make contact with Chribba. As mentioned earlier he can be a little slow in replying so as i have worked alongside you in filling numerous bonds in the past ill happily let you hold the collateral should you wish?

My Bad, i didn’t realise i was still logged in as that character, hes for sale now in character bazaar if your interested :stuck_out_tongue:

As above though…

Sure, let’s work something out :slight_smile:

I’d also like to be involved; however, I have limited ISK to invest. Is there a minimum you will accept for a collateralized loan? I’m willing to accept the 1% return.

Feel free to contact me in game if you would like to talk specifics.

Thank you

EvePick3 - Should i just contract you 50b worth of collat for your review?

Walter Pryst - To be honest 10b should probably be the minimum for collateral portion, however, i accept lower if no collateral was required.

That would be perfect

I’m going to put this on hold for the time being, i just had a bond repaid and sold a character so have a little fluid is for the time being.

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