9.5B Bond [Full Collat] @ 2%

Bond Terms

9.5B ISK - [Full Collateral - to be held by 3rd party]
2% interest per month - [30 days from the bond filling.]
No end date but I reserve the right to end the bond at any point, paying full interest even if halfway through the month + 9.5B.

Don’t have a 3rd party figured out yet. @Elizabeth_Norn (maybe you can help?)

Let me know if you have any questions.

Link to collateral?

It is an Ark sitting in Jita. Got burned out of nullsec hauling and have a busy work schedule the next few weeks so will be rolling back into station trading.

I’ll fill subject to Elizabeth confirming collateral

Ill also fill and happily hold collateral to save waiting for third parties.

Check my post history, Ive done this a fair few times.

contract to me if acceptable and ill accept today.

I can fill this too if you like either with 3rd party or collat held directly.

Sorry for the slow reply. If you still need me then feel free to contract the Ark to me for 9.5b ISK and have the investor send their investment.

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