200b collaterized 2%

As stated.

Amount: 150b-200b still doing some numbers on the final amount.
Interest: 2%
Duration: Minimum of 2 months after that 2 weeks notice if one wants to cash out.
Collateral: Collateral will be appraised and held by a 3rd party (Norn, Chribba, etc)

Will update the thread once I’ve settled on the final amount and have finalized arranging the collateral with the 3rd party.

Brock Khans - 10b (received) repaid 12 24 2017
Lord Hook - 190b (received)

October - Paid 11/2/2017 (paid early @ 29 days)
November - Paid 12/2/2017
December - paid 1/6/2018

ill reserve 100b pending collat held by either mentioned and agreed its value.

I’ll reserve 10b also pending collat etc

I’ll fill the remaining

Noted the above. Will sort out collateral/amount and stuff later this afternoon/tomorrow and have 3rd party reply to thread.

I’ve assets worth at least 200b ISK from @Caldari_Lanyaie.

@noobs_market_orders @Brock_Khans @Lord_Hook you can send the ISK to Caldari Lanyaie now.

10b sent @Caldari_Lanyaie

90b sent @Caldari_Lanyaie

Confirming above amounts by Lord hook(90b) and Brock Khans (10b) have been received for a total of 100/200b

Ill be sending the funds once i am home this evening.

I’m sorry to say i have had a change of heart with this bond. sorry for any time wasted waiting for me.

Ill fill the remaining 100?

Yeah, that is fine. I’ll change this to filled.

100b sent @Caldari_Lanyaie

Interest received for oct

Interest payments have been on time and punctual. However, looking for some liquid capital for some personal projects.

Talked to @Caldari_Lanyaie this morning requesting a cash out of my 10b.

Rep-Grind complete :christmasparrot:

Yep, noted.

o7 Caldari, I could fill that tiny lil hole of 10b the Broke caused after withdrawing his investment.


That’s fine, I’ll ask Brock if he wants an early withdrawal.