【ENORN】 Free 3rd party services and Alliance/Corp Creation

Important info:

  • Discord name: Elizabeth Norn#8073
  • You can check whether I’m online by joining my in-game chat channel: Nornhub.
  • I can be online most nights, generally from 1900-2300 game time.
  • All conversations or mails (mails are preferred) should be directed to me, Elizabeth Norn.
  • My only other character involved in this Alliance Creation Norn.
  • I’m also available for securing loans or other financial instruments, POCO and corporation sales, and probably anything else you could need.
  • All services are free. Donations would not go unappreciated, please send these to Alliance Creation Norn.

Who am I and why should you trust me?

I’m primarily a trader and have been trading, mostly on contracts, since early 2013. I sell a lot of researched BPOs, so if you’ve ever a bought cruiser or larger BPO on contracts it’s possible you’ve seen my corporation selling there too. I’m also a moderator of the scc-lounge in-game chat channel, a place where a bunch of people who like to make ISK hang out.

I’ve always taken a stance against scammers and have a history of ‘scambusting’ on the forums. When Market Discussions was more active we used to get quite a few people looking for easy ISK, which some got, but I’d like to think I managed to save a fair few people from giving away their ISK with my sleuthing. My desire to protect people from being scammed is the reason I’m offering this service.

Unlike many other people who’ve started up third party services I have some history as I’ve publicly borrowed ISK and third partied various transactions and loan type agreements made on MD.

【Repaid】 1T -> 500b -> 385b uncollateralised bond @ 2%/month for 3-10 19 months

100b Bond #1 - #2 - #3

Currently running Zahara Cody 200b loan (collateral holding): [Filled] 200b Collateralized loan @ 1.5% (original thread)
Caldari Lanyaie 200b loan (colllateral holding): 200b collaterized 2%
IChooseYou 285b loan (collateral holding): ⭐ IChooseYou Investment Bank [currently holding 402b]
probag Bear 450b loan (collateral holding): 450B fully collat loan @ 2.5-3% monthly, filled

Alliance Creation

  • Alliance Creation Norn will provide this service.
  • Alliances cost 1,000,000,000 ISK to create, this is a game mechanic and needs to be paid upfront.
  • Create / update corporation to allow up to 12,600 members

Citadel Ownership Transferral

  • Elizabeth Norn will provide this service.
  • The citadel must not be reinforced in order to be transferred.
  • Corporations involved in the transfer must not be at war.

Old thread: http://eve-search.com/thread/487852-1


Posting to confirm this is the alliance creation character.


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Some useful information from Grendell.

* * Recently Added * *

Avoiding 3rd Party Scams 101

In recent months there has been an influx of 3rd party scam attempts for super capital transfers. That does not mean they are all scams, that just means there have been more scam attempts than usual. So I will write out my recommendations to avoiding going home broke.

The safest option is to only use the generally accepted 3rd parties: Chribba, Grendell ,Wirox Crotikus , and DJ Bismarck.

Using a 3rd Party not on the above list

On occasion, it may be difficult to reach these 3rd parties as they have real lives outside of Eve. Here you can choose the safe approach and wait for one of the generally accepted 3rd parties. But if you insist on trying another 3rd party that is not on that list, take some serious pre-cautions. This is all completely at YOUR OWN RISK.

  • Do not get rushed into a deal. Frequently the scammer will try and rush you into using his 3rd party because of some excuse that he has to log off or he will give the deal to somebody else.

  • A common trick is to have buyers and sellers set up a meeting with you and a legitimate 3rd party. When the meeting takes place they simply don’t show up. They wait until the generally accepted 3rd parties log off, then magically come on-line, giving you every excuse in the book why they were not there. They will then convince you to use some no name 3rd party, which will be their alt or friend.

  • Ask to see their feedback thread. Read every single post in that thread and look for anything suspicious.
    (That could mean posters are all noob alts, or apart of the same corp/alliance)
    *If there was any moderation done in the thread, check what posts were edited or removed using eve-search

  • A good way to make sure they are legitimate is to see if they will accept Chribba. If they say no, just close the conversation, they are scamming you. There isn’t a person in Eve that can argue Chribba isn’t reputable enough to handle Super Capital Transactions. If they don’t trust me, wirox, etc that’s fine, but I’d like to see anyone debate Chribba out as an option.

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So I asked Ms Norn to help create an alliance for my alt corp and everything went smoothly. The entire process took less than 5 minutes and was mostly me contemplating what to name it!
As proof that she created my alliance. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much!

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Incredibly fast service! I had my new alliance within five minutes of sending the initial mail.

thanks again!

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Elizabeth Norn secured a transaction for POCOs inside my wormhole for me. Very smooth, fast and secure! Highly recommended!

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Strange it has 8 posts only while the number of satisfied clients is much more.

So free extra bump from one of them :sunglasses:

Cheers to Liz :heart_eyes:

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Pretty sure I posted a while back but just scrolled through the post and it werent there :confused:

Anyways, about 6 months back I used this service to create my alliance, it was done nice and quickly! Super satisfied, top quality service.

Although its a free service be nice and give Elizabeth a nice tip for all the great work done!

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Services still available.

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Great service, just used it to create an alliance. Was quick and painless.

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Awesome, fast and reliable! Thank you very much!

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Services still available.

Elizabeth secured two transactions for me last week. Excellent service! Will use again.

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Excellent service as always, she updated my corp so fast and free, thanks!

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Recently used this service, no complaints. Would use again and recommend.

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Thank you very much @Elizabeth_Norn,

I will recommend your services and will use them again.
My corporation securely and successfully transferred ownership of our backup WH to an interested buyer.

Great adventures to everyone o7

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Recently Elizabeth Norn acted as an escrow agent on my behalf.

She disbursed to a third party the agreed upon funds in a transaction which required two payments about six weeks apart. My total assets at-risk were large enough to have made a significant dent in my networth had they been stolen.

Though not required by “Eve law”, Elizabeth also helped clarify the terms of the agreement.

I will rely on Elizabeth in the future for similar escrow processing needs.

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Just used Elizabeth Norn for transferring an Engineering Complex sale. Very smooth and quick. Was great to deal with!!


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Hello! Please mail me ingame, i cannot login right now but i will get back yo you asap. (Looking for allisnce creation)

Hey I’m new to all of this and was trying to figure out how to message u directly and couldn’t figure it out. I was told by someone that you r a trusted 3rd party and to talk to you a loan for 5bill